NASCAR 2000 Credits

Electronic Arts

Executive ProducerDavid Ross
ProducerMorgan Roarty
Assistant ProducerChris Esaki
Design TeamChris Esaki, Morgan Roarty, David Ross
Additional Production SupportMichael Kosaka, Trevor Jalowitz, Michael Ress, Ken Rogers, Joseph Quilici, Mike Williams
Lead TesterRonald Weaver
Assistant Lead TesterMichael Parker
Core TestersMichael Deir, Jeff Hunt, Jonathan M. Martinez, Chris Espiritu, Jason Estebez, Kevin Luis, Greg McCord, Mark Poquiz, Jesse Waco
Director of Motorsports MarketingCarolyn Feinstein
Product ManagerDavid C. Lee
Assistant Product ManagerAaron Burns
Public RelationsKathy Frazier
Legal TeamPatrick J. O'Brien, Pamela Ostroff, Janet Dwoskin, Andy Moore, Kimberly Kostas
Business AffairsRobert Gonzales, James Kennedy, Jessica Cecena
Additional Engineering (Online Only)Scott Gallardo, Jason Micklewright
Additional Engineering Management (Online Only)Frank Giraffe, Nana Wallace
Matchmaking Java AppletThomas Erickson
Score Reporting/Data ParsingMarvin Plettner
Web DevelopmentBrett Downen
Operations ManagerSusan Boehm
Associate ProducerDavid Gray
Matchmaking Web SiteDaylight Productions
LeaderboardsSam Hozman
UNIX Server EngineerRajesh Kumar
Documentation and Driver BiosGabriel Leon, Greg Roensch
Packaging DesignEA Creative Studios
Packaging Art DirectionPOPGUN Design
Senior Project ManagerCole Bronn
Documentation LayoutCorinne Mah
Audio DirectorMarc Farly
Media LabMurray Allen, Jerry Newton, Michael Marsh, Eric Kornblum, Rob Hubbard
Soundtrack ConsultingRandy Eckhardt
Opening Movie SequenceMichael Marsh, Jerry Newton, Marc Farly
Motion CaptureMatthew Wynne Motion Capture, House of Moves, Goal Line Productions
In‑Game CommentaryBob Jenkins, Benny Parsons
Pit Crew Chief VoiceStephen Stanton
Spotter VoiceRick Gangi
Customer Quality ControlAndrew Young, Benjamin Crick, Anthony Alexander, Dave Knudson, Darryl Jenkins, Micah Pritchard
Senior Vice President/Executive in Charge of ProductionMichael Pole
Special thanks toBlake Davidson, Charlie Cooper, Susan Santos, Kristen Latimore, Kathleen Tarnutzer, Christine Randall, Danielle Randall, Rocky Capella, Waddy Dacay, Gifford Calenda, Steve Boness, Motorsports Decison Group, Bill MacAnally, The Team at BMR Racing, Kenny Wallace, The Team at Filmar Racing, Beth Comstock

Stormfront Studios

Programming Team LeadersJoyce Colenbrander, Michael Esposito
Programming TeamAaron Brady, Joyce Colenbrander, Michael Esposito, Aric Ling, Paul Melamed
Art Team LeadersLadislav Konopa, James Larsen, William M. Sullivan
Art TeamSally Ho, Ladislav Konopa, James Larsen, William M. Sullivan, Doug Watson, Michael Woolf
Additional ProgrammingSteve W. Kojder, Ryan Starr
Based on the Original Engine by:Bryan Chan, Ken Chao, Joyce Colenbrander, Michael Esposito, Mark A. Fong, Masami Yamada
Special Thanks to:Katie Bjornson, Pieter Colenbrander, Debby Gaurino, Katie Jack, Tim Larkin, Taylor Larsen, Jordan Larsen, Anita Peric, Michele Piehl, Audrey Piehl, Natalie Piehl, Jaia Sun-Childers, The Woolf Family, Sandra Woolf, OBM, Jeanne Young
Executive in Charge of ProductionDon L. Daglow
Development ExecutiveHudson Piehl
Driver Pictures Provided by:Cameras in Action, Stock Photography, Don Grassman, (C) Walter Arce/Action Sports Photography Inc

Licensed Music

Music ArtistsY&T, Blues Traveler
Digital Editing for Blues TravelerBrendan Hill
Original Music CompositionSteve Goldstein

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Stephen Stanton, 64 other games
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Marc Farly, 58 other games
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Eric Kornblum, 48 other games
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Michael Kosaka, 42 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Adam McMillan (195)