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For racing fans with a sense of nostalgia, this game is for you. It doesn't feature the uncanny realism of the Grand Prix Legends game, but it is very close and certainly worthwhile. It's not just NASCAR Racing 3 with older-looking cars, the whole feel of the race is different. If this era of racing interests you at all, this title is well worth your investment. Bottom Line: Excellent representation of the 1970 NASCAR racing season. The cars are much larger than those found on the track today and handle differently. The game looks great and sounds good, although the engine rumble isn't quite up to par with what I was expecting. Small problems with collision detection and configuration of input devices exist, but nothing too serious.
GameSpot (Dec 20, 1999)
In spite of its great features, NASCAR Legends probably would have fared better as an add-on to NASCAR Racing 3. After all, most of the players who were hungry for a NASCAR game snatched up NASCAR 3 the second it hit shelves, and NASCAR 3 has a greater number of tracks anyway. Even so, NASCAR Legends is the only game for nostalgic NASCAR fans to turn to, and Sierra's decision to release NASCAR Legends and NASCAR Racing 3 so closely together is ultimately to the benefit of racing fans.
IGN (Jan 18, 2000)
Any way you slice it, NASCAR Legends is a highly entertaining, challenging and gratifying way to forever immortalize this classic season in American racing history. And better yet, be a part of it.
NASCAR Legends does not contain many features we did not already see in NASCAR Racing 3, so if you expect a major advance, you will be disappointed. Yet I cannot help but be overwhelmed by a rush of nostalgia when I play this title. Sierra has pulled out all the stops on this release, even including a real diecast scale model of a 1970 Ford Torino in the game box. Thus, NASCAR Legends, while lacking innovation, solidifies for the time being Sierra and Papyrus’ position as king of the NASCAR hill.
My main reservation about NASCAR LEGENDS is that it’s not really necessary. It seems more like a really good add-on to NASCAR RACING 3 than a stand-alone, full-priced product. This might cause some serious qualms at the cash register, especially for those who plunked down 50 bones for the original game a couple of months back. Judged wholly on its own merits, however, NASCAR LEGENDS is a game worthy of recommendation, even with the few bugs noted above.
GameGenie (1999)
NASCAR Legends had a good premise when it was thought out, but it's too darn similar to NASCAR Racing 3. Everything except the tracks and cars are the same, and sometimes they just removed some scenery from the NASCAR 3 versions. This game should have been presented as an add-on to NASCAR 3, rather than a completely different game. This borders on a blatant attempt by Papyrus and Sierra to make more money without putting too much effort into changing the game. If older NASCAR seasons other than 1970 were present, this game would have been a lot better. Unless you really, really want to race in the 70s, buy NASCAR Racing 3 and pretend the cars are old.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 01, 1999)
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