Written by  :  Robert Wolfe (88)
Written on  :  Aug 21, 2005
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars

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My Personal Pros & Cons of NR-4

The Good

NASCAR Racing 4 is without any doubt the best NASCAR racing sim out there. When Papyrus first created and released NASCAR Racing, it flew off the shelves.

And now Papyrus has done it again.

The physics can't get any better than this. The only problem is that when you first play, the handling and control is VERY tight the car always drifts over to the wall, or "pushing". You'll have to fiddle around with the settings to find the best setups for the different tracks.

As for the drivers and cars, everything is excellent except that some of the drivers that had already switched to Dodge (i.e. Bill Elliot) are still with their cars that they drove before the switch. But you can create your own drivers with the car of your choice and then create your own paint job in the Paint Shop.

The track selection is perfect. Includes all of the tracks for the 2000 season, including Daytona, Pocono and the Brickyard (Indy).

And as for the damage factor, if you set the damage option to Realistic, then you're bound to see quite a few horrific wrecks and HUGE messes all over the track. Overtime, the damages will spread through the car, impacting each part separately.

The AI is top-notch, and the computer controlled cars act like the real drivers, and won't make rookie mistakes when set at a high difficulty level.

The Bad

1. Requires a topnotch computer for getting the best visuals
2. Mastering the realistic new physics model can take weeks of practice for

The Bottom Line

Nascar Racing 4 is absolute one of the best PC NASCAR games out others just don't live up to these kind of features and playability. I would also like to recommend that if your going to be a true player then get you a good steering wheel.