NASCAR Road Racing Credits (Windows)

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NASCAR Road Racing Credits

Farsight Studios

Technical DirectorJay Obernolte
Lead EngineerSean Shannon
Front End EngineerAdam R. Rakunas
Lead ArtistPatrick Downey

EA Sports

NASCAR Production TeamDavid Ross, Morgan Roarty, Michael Kosaka, Ken Rogers, Mike Williams, Chris Esaki, Trevor Jalowitz, Michael Ress, Joseph Quilici
Vice-President and Executive in Charge of ProductionMichael Pole
Executive ProducerDavid Ross
Associate ProducerKen Rogers
Lead TesterLafayette Taylor
Product TestingJason Estebez, Kevin Luis
Product Marketing ManagerCharlie Cooper
Product ManagerDavid C. Lee
DocumentationSteve Olson
Documentation EditorGreg Roensch
Legal TeamPatrick J. O'Brien, Elaine Mederer, Pamela Ansman-Wolfe
Business AffairsRobert Gonzales
LicensingMotorsports Decisions Group, Christine Randall
Package DesignMary Mitchell Design
Package PhotographyChobat Racing Images Inc.
Customer Quality ControlAnatol Somerville, Benjamin Crick, Jacob Fernandez, Michael Parker
Original MusicSteve Goldstein

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202600)