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    For the fame. For the glory. For your sponsors!

    America's most popular sport on four wheels comes to the Nintendo GameCube, brought to you by the driving enthusiasts at EA Sports. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for all the pageantry and power of NASCAR.

    Put Some Vroom in Your Living Room

    NASCAR Thunder 2003 is a feature-filled racer with a ton of game modes, but if you're a fan of the sport the most exciting part may be suiting up as one of your favorite drivers. Big names like Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr., up-and-comers like Ryan Newman and many, many more give you a wealth of choices.

    You can ride wheels from all the major manufacturers, including Ford, Dodge, Pontiac and Chevrolet. The authentic touch extends to logos from major sponsors like Tide, Valvoline and DuPont.

    The realism in NASCAR Thunder 2003 isn't only skin-deep. In addition to the real-life drivers, cars and sponsors, there is also an all-new game engine that accounts for vehicle dynamics like down force, tire wear patterns, suspension and the ever-important crashes.

    You can test the limits of your vehicles on all 23 Winston Cup tracks, including the 1950's Daytona Beach road course, and 14 of the tracks have both day and night versions. This year's offering from EA Sports also introduces six new infield road courses and one new super-speedway.

    Game Modes

    If you aren't accustomed to scrutinizing factors like gear ratios, tire pressure and suspension, you can start out with an entry-level setup and work your way up to being a NASCAR Thunder 2003 pro. The new Thunder License mode will provide you with interactive instruction from your choice of pro drivers. They will teach you how to find your own driving lines and brake points and develop your skills as a NASCAR driver.

    If off-track planning gets your motor running, be sure to dive into Career Mode. Here, you can compete in 20 successive seasons, managing every aspect of your career, including Sponsorship, Team Management, Car Setups and R&D. You will even hire a 12-man pit crew so the jack man and the catch-can man all have to answer to you. The depth of the Career Mode will satisfy any NASCAR fan and teach some players more than they ever wanted to know about the business behind the sport.

    If you're the type of driver who can't wait to get behind the wheel, check out Lightning Mode. There are more than 30 scenarios taken from the annals of NASCAR history. Before you begin, you will view an introduction explaining what you are up against. Everything is recreated including key competitors, lap count, car damage and more. As you relive the moment, you can uphold the historic outcome or write your own chapter in NASCAR history.

    Of course, there are the usual Quick Race options that allow you to jump right into a race. You can even race via split screen with as many as four players. The in-depth Create-A-Car mode lets you choose details like Make, Number Colors and Scheme then show it off to your friends in a multiplayer race. A good performance in any of the modes will help you unlock the Thunder Plates that are the key to earning new drivers and tracks.


    With the blown tires, flying parts, and crashes in NASCAR Thunder 2003 it almost makes you hope disaster will strike. Racing around the tarmac is entertaining thanks to a good sense of speed, but like some real-life spectators, many of you will be waiting to see the spectacular wrecks. You know who you are.

    From the spectators to the seams in the track surface, the tracks bristle with realistic details. You will see a trail of dust when you dive into the corners and shadows cast from nearby structures. You can choose from several external and internal views including a nice cockpit view that shows the driver's hands gripping the steering wheel.

    Each competition is a spectacle in itself with pre-race camera fly-bys, trophy moments and fireworks. No NASCAR game would be complete without a little pageantry and in NASCAR Thunder 2003, motion-captured victory lane celebrations give the game that dramatic feel. For a sharper and clearer image, select the Progressive Scan option when playing on a TV set that supports that feature.

    NASCAR Thunder 2003 is a great pick for NASCAR fans. If you watch the sport casually, the detailed game modes are a great way to learn what goes on behind the scene. Multiplayer support and the Thunder Plates give the game a good amount of replay value.

    This game is in stores now. For even more information, check out our interview with Scott Stutsman, Line Producer for Tiburon Studios. Click on Developer Info in the upper-right corner to check it out. This game has been rated "E" (Everyone) by the independent Entertainment Software Rating Board. Progress is saved to a Memory Card (not included).

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"Nintendo Winter 2002" promotional booklet - GameCube:
    Start your engine, dump the clutch, and leave your opponents choking on your tire smoke in NASCAR Thunder 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube. Sporting world-famous NASCAR drivers and popular tracks such as Talladega, Daytona, Bristol, and Darlington, NASCAR Thunder 2003 laps the competition in the racing game world with action so real, you can feel the heat.

    NASCAR 2003 intense audio, razor-sharp graphics and precision control will leave even the most die-hard racing fans craving another adrenaline-induced spin around the track.

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Press Release - Windows:


    Best-Selling EA SPORTS NASCAR Franchise Offers a New PC Simulation with the Deepest Garage Options, Unparalleled Damage Effects and Online Play for Up to Sixteen

    Redwood City, Calif., October 15, 2002 – Experience the deepest NASCAR experience available on the track and in the garage as Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) ships NASCAR Thunder’ 2003 for the PC. Now the only franchise to offer a full pack of 43 official NASCAR drivers to race against, also offers the deepest NASCAR simulation with real driving physics and the ultimate NASCAR garage to develop the optimal car setup for each track.

    NASCAR Thunder 2003 features a new physics engine that provides a “hardcore” NASCAR racing simulation. Realistic vehicle dynamics accurately model tire grip and wear patterns, handling and suspension, and collisions. The “Vertex damage model” ensures that each and every impact is unique as each collision’s damage is rendered on the fly by this sophisticated technology.

    The cornerstone of any good NASCAR PC experience is a rich array of garage options where gamers can create the perfect car setup for each of the 23 Cup Series tracks. The multitude of adjustable options include fender flares, rear spoiler angles, tire pressure, wedge, gearing, suspension, anti roll bar, and many more are available. Players can configure their car for each race and roll out for test sessions without affecting their NASCAR Cup Series standings. A bonus track is included, the classic Daytona Beach road course where gamers can race on both land and sand in this ‘50’s style track.

    The easy to connect LAN and online play for up to 16 competitors is the ultimate judge for gamers to show off their racing prowess and test the latest car setups against other enthusiast drivers in the online community in a single race mode. Gamers will also be able to update and swap car skins and performance related game aspects through the online communities.

    “Our goal was to produce a strong PC simulation that would satisfy hardcore gamers and start to build a loyal fan base with the online community,” said Ed Martin, director of NASCAR production, Electronic Arts. “With NASCAR Thunder 2003 for the PC, we have the game to do just that. I look forward to building upon this game over the years to come.”

    NASCAR Thunder 2003 is rated “E” (Everyone) by the ESRB. Now available on PC, the console versions previously shipped for the Playstation®2 computer entertainment system, the PlayStation® console, Xbox’ video game system from Microsoft and the Nintendo GameCube’. Consumers may purchase the game directly at the EA Store(, or by calling EA Direct Sales at 1-877/324-2637, for a suggested retail price of $49.95.

    EA SPORTS’ 500 at Talladega® NASCAR Thunder 2003 features the EA SPORTS 500, a stop on the NASCAR Cup Series at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway®. Last year EA SPORTS announced a three-year sponsorship deal with Talladega Superspeedway and the International Speedway Corporation naming the legendary NASCAR Cup Series fall race the EA SPORTS 500. The inaugural event concluded with a dramatic victory by NASCAR Thunder 2003's cover athlete, Dale Earnhardt Jr., on October 21, 2001. Dale Jr. repeated this feat with his third win in a row at Talladega in this year’s EA SPORTS 500 on October 6, 2002.

    ABOUT ELECTRONIC ARTS Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS), headquartered in Redwood City, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.7 billion for fiscal 2002. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for the Internet, personal computers and video game systems. EA markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS’, EA GAMES’, EA SPORTS BIG’ and EA.COM. More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

    ABOUT NASCAR® Licensing The NASCAR Licensing team that is based in Charlotte, NC, is committed to creating programs that provide value to NASCAR sponsors, promotional partners, licensees as well as drivers, teams and tracks. Under the direction of vice president of strategic marketing and licensing, Steve Boguski, and managing director Dee Scott, the department researches new categories, licenses qualified companies, handles quality control, and develops retail partnerships in an effort to drive sales of NASCAR-licensed product.


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Back of Case - PlayStation 2:


    Manage your team by hiring a pit crew, signing sponsorships, and building cars to compete for the Cup in 20 consecutive Career mode seasons.

    Collect over 100 plates to access all 175 cars, 60 events, and 70 drivers.

    Take on over 30 "MRN Moment of the Race: scenarios from real-life NASCAR races in Lighting Challenge.

    Interactive instruction from Richard Petty and other top NASCAR drivers teaches you the best driving lines, brake points, and more.

    Grinding soundtrack features classics and new hits from Steppenwolf, (hed)p.e., Nonpoint, and more!





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