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NBA Live 2000 (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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NBA Live 2000 Credits


Executive ProducerStanley Chow
Associate ProducerNick Channon, William M. Mozell
Assistant ProducerJosh Holmes, Michael Klassen, Thomas Singleton
Lead ProgrammingAllan Johanson, Amory Wong
Additional ProgrammingRobert White
ProgrammingDavid Bollo, Joshua Brown, Brian Chan, Andrew Dennis, Chris Duke, David Ferguson, Jeff Hanson, Ed Hellesen, Brian Krause, Jeff Leveille, Randy Parmar, Rod Reddekopp, Ian Roy, Darren Schueller, Ross Wightman
AnimationElton Chan, J. J. Gonzales
Graphics / ArtworkGregory R. Allen, Trevor Felbel, Michael Johnson, Adam Myhill, Darrell Olthuis, Jackie Marie Ritchie, Ryan Santos, Darren Sleno, Young Yoon
Project LeaderMoira Dang
Additional Graphics / ArtworkAnthony Cranfield-Rose, David Laviolette, William Morrison, Mark Ricard
SoundStephen Bucek, Tilde Cameron, Ron Coté, Traz Damji, Bart W. Gurr, Lori Wilson
Acting / VoiceoversAl Murdoch, Don Poier, Reggie Theus
Libraries / UtilitiesFrank Barchard, Sean Halliday, Daniel Kennett, Tony Lam, David Mercier, Kaz Okuda, Patrick Ratto
Quality AssuranceCary Chao, Colin Cox, Jason Feser, Shamus Frigon, D'Arcy Gog, Tarek Grymaloski, Tim Des Lauriers, Brian Oberquell, Peter Petkov, Zech Prinz, Bob Purewal, Shahbaz Tahamzadeh, Chris Wallace
PlaytestingAnim Ali, John Brett, Colin Currie, Jason Dong, Raphael DeLeon Eraña, Brett Henderson, Steve Kuchka, V. J. Leblanc, Malcolm Liu, Chris Roussy, Dana Sharon, Josh Smillie, Patrick Vallejo, Stephen C. Wong, David Yan
Motion CaptureDavid Coleman, Daniel Eayres, Paul Evans, Kevin Garnett, Anne Geiger, Virgil Hill, Colin DeJose, Vincent Ng, Michael Paul, Garrick Thomas, Ryan Wall, Dale Yoon, David Pierce, Chris Waddell
Marketing / PRBob Aniello, Otis Perrick, Richard Seidlitz
Localisation ProducerZoe Quinn
AI and Rosters ConsultantTed Murray
Production CoordinatorCielle Brayton
Senior Development DirectorMoira Dang
Development DirectorJanean Bowen, Daniel Scott


European Localisation ManagerDominique Goy
Localisation CoordinatorSandra Picaper
Testing CoordinationLionel Berrodier, Franck Badin, Simon Davison, Frank Buchheim
Localised Speech RecordingLori Wilson, Bart W. Gurr, Zoe Quinn
Quality Assurance Project ManagerReena Meijer Drees
Quality Assurance Testing Team LeadKimberley Blancard
Quality Assurance Testing TeamOctavio Izaurralde, Wilson Ascencio
German Localisation DirectorBianca Normann
German Localisation StaffBettina Bachon
German Localisation Testing/TranslationLars Berenbrinker
German Speech TalentMichael Körner
German Recording StudioVoss AG, Frank Schmitz
French Localisation DirectorChristine Jean
French Localisation StaffOlivier Desanti
French Localisation Testing/TranslationSylvain Caburrosso, Roman Vazeille
French Speech TalentEric Besnard
French Recording StudioLe Lotus Rose; Paris
Spanish Localisation DirectorJulio Valladares
Spanish Localisation StaffLuis Pinés, Antonio García
Spanish Localisation Testing/TranslationAntonio García
Spanish Speech TalentAndres Montes
Spanish Recording StudioTaller de Sonido
Italian Localisation DirectorPaola Stegani
Italian Localisation StaffGian Maria Battistini
Italian Localisation Testing/TranslationLuca Bianco
Italian Speech TalentGuido Bagatta
Italian Recording StudioStudio Florian, Alessandro Zucchelli
Speech EditingTilde Cameron

Music Credits

"Shake'n the Floor" performed byNBA Live Orchestra, Rahzel Brown
"Shake'n the Floor" Vocals, Vocal percussion/FX, Lyrics byRahzel Brown
"Shake'n the Floor" produced byThe Humble Brothers
"Shake'n the Floor" composed and programmed byTraz Damji
"Shake'n the Floor" recorded and mixed byKen Marshall
"Shake'n the Floor" 1999 Publishing courtesy ofMCA Records Inc.
"All I Know" performed byRahzel Brown
"All I Know" written byRahzel Brown
"All I Know" produced byPete Rock (of Soul Brother #1 Productions)
"All I Know" recorded byJamie Staub
"All I Know" recorded by Jamie Staub atGreen Street Studios; NY NY
"All I Know" 1999 Publishing Courtesy ofRahzel Enterprises Inc.
Rahzel appears courtesy ofMCA Records Inc.
"Bounce with the Massive" performed byTzant
"Bounce with the Massive" written byJamie White, Michael Atteen, Mousa Clarke
"Bounce with the Massive" 1998 published bySony/ATV Music Publishing Canada o\b\o
"Bounce with the Massive" All rights in the US and Canada controlled and administered byUniversal-PolyGram International Publishing Inc.
"Bounce with the Massiv" published in the UK byCourtesy Logic Records Ltd.
"Hip Hop Hooray" performed byNaughty by Nature
"Hip Hop Hooray" written byBrown/Criss/Gist
"Hip Hop Hooray" copyright 1993T-Boy Music L.L.C./Naughty Music ASCAP
"Hip Hop Hooray" 1993 Publishing Courtesy ofTommy Boy Music; and contained on Naughty By Nature's Greatest Hits; Nature's Finest
"Don't stop (Radio Mix)" performed byRun‑D.M.C
"Don't stop (Radio Mix)" written byJ. Mizell, J. Simmons, D. McDaniels, S. Brown
"Don't Stop (Radio Mix)" produced byRun‑D.M.C, Jam Master Jay
"Don't Stop (Radio Mix") all songs published byProtoons Inc., Rush Groove Music, Promuse Inc.
"Don't Stop (Radio Mix") published 1990, 1999 byArista Records Inc.
"Mothership Connection Starchild (The Second Coming)" performed byGeorge Clinton
"Mothership Connection Starchild (The Second Coming)" written byGeorge Clinton Jr., William Earl Collins, Bernard G. Worell Jr.
"Mothership Connection Starchild (The Second Coming)" published byBridgeport Music Inc.
"Mothership Connection Starchild (The Second Coming)" 1983 Recording courtesy ofWhat Production Company Inc.
Special Thanks to the NBA Live OrchestraTraz Damji (keys & percussion), Marc Rogers (Bass), Chris Gestrin (Hammond B3), Saki Kaskamanidis (Guitar), Phil Robertson (Acoustic Drums), Vincent Mai (1st Trumpet), Paul Baron (2nd Trumpet), Jim Pinchin (Sax), Dennis Esson (Trombone)
Music LicensingBeverly Koeckeritz

Electronic Arts Europe

Product ManagerEric Petersen, Dan Holman
EA Sports Public Relations ManagerNick Grange
Studio OpsSteve Fitton
Packaging DesignTim Milner
Documentation EditorOliver Ladenburg
Documentation Translations Co-ordinationClare Parkes, Rebecca Gordon
Localisation Co-ordination - Export and WebPetrina Wallace, Lucy Hargood
ProductionLynne Moss
Customer Quality ControlDesmond O'Connor, Dean Murphy

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roedie (5213) and formercontrib (159530)