Written by  :  William Shawn McDonie (1183)
Written on  :  Jan 15, 2001
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
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Could of, should of but wasn't

The Good

I got to play MARSHALL UNIVERSITY!!! You can be any of the 112 Division 1a teams. I even got to play in Marshall stadium. Game play was good and exciting. I also want to say if the flaws of this game had been really addressed and not just glossed over in the thoughts of time and cost, then this title would have been truly a great great game.

The Bad

First when I buy a game for PC and it is also sold on a console system, I expect to get more options in the PC version than the console. However that was not the case with NCAA. They left off the whole franchise mode. You cant play more than one year with your team. But you can with a sony? I curse EA for such a horrible thought. Also the AI was horrible. With Marshall I easly beat Tennessee? This game has limited re-playability because they left off the franchise mode. (did I mention that I didn't like that) I called EA Sports myself (a first) to complain of the travisty of a PC game being less than a console. They said that MANY MANY callers had said the same thing. When I asked if their was any plans to fix the problem with a patch or the next version I got a flat and firm NO. I guess the PC people just have to eat it. Mabie that is why NCAA 99 fell flat on its butt and the series was cancelled for the PC.

The Bottom Line

For the bargin bin price of 3 dollars its great for a couple weeks of fun. But no more.