NecroVisioN: Lost Company Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
The loading screens give more details about the story.
Well, not every soldier is happy to fight for his country...
What's a shooter without a sniper?
Zombies with shovels - the perfect workforce.
Finding letters gives you even more insight into the story.
Found a secret place with a fury-upgrade.
Fighting some Zombies with a bunch of friendlies.
No wonder Germany lost the war if they were to busy fighting their Zombie-friends.
The gas mask seriously hinders your view.
The international version of the game again features some gory details. Germany of course gets the dumbed-down version.
Why fight with one big gun, if you can use two?
Found a live one!
This challenge requires me to fly a plane and shoot down 50 other planes inside the time limit.
Yay, a rail-shooter-section. Haven't seen that one before...