Need for Speed: Carbon Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu screen
Challenge races selection
Reward Cards Chart: Here you can view what cards you have unlocked and which are missing in order to unlock various extras.
Approaching a race entry point.
Race map and data screen
Car selection screen - Have you ever seen a Lamborghini more tacky than this one?
External camera view
Pre-race cut scene
Countdown to the race start
Photo-mode is available at any time by pressing escape and choosing the 'Photomode' option.
Angie's hot, but her 69' Dodge Charger R/T is even hotter!
This guy's face is really funny and he gets to join your crew too!
The car's performance customization screen where you can buy and tweak various tune-ups for your ride.
A new paint that gets introduced in Carbon is the iridescent paint. Also 'candy' and 'matte' kind of paints are available!
Of course you can customize your ride looks with various vinyls.
The photo-mode is useful for taking snaps of your ride and show off to your friends by sending these to EA's Carbon site.
Yumi is yummy! Once you beat Kenji she wants to join your crew, she's a scout and a really crap driver, but you get 10% discount on customization parts with her!
The car's hood camera view
Just them good 'ol boys! Here I've customized my Charger to look like the Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee. If only they had a southern flag available for the top!
The General is going to teach Kenji a good lesson!
Watching your rev-up in the beginning can give you a perfect launch which gets you in the front.
Yeehaaaww (Dixie horn)! The game has spectacular jump scene cameras!
One of the five available areas has just been acquired by my crew! 5 more to complete the career mode.
This is Roscoe P. Coltrane attempting to stop them Dukes boys.
Darius is the boss of all the crews bosses. Not only he wears silly clothes, he looks like a wimp as well lol!
Drift races are back thankfully! and they are always fun!
Missed the brakes on a tight curve of the canyon? Then you're going down!
The role of a drafter is to get in front of you and get you up to top speed by staying on his/her airstream.
One of the challenges requires you to drive a truck and survive the police chases.
The main menu screen without the legends! Makes up for a nice wallpaper for your desktop!
Showcase Mode - My trial to make a Ford GT-40 Race car