Written by  :  Andrew Taylor (8)
Written on  :  Nov 02, 2003
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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EXCELLENT!!! Best in the series!

The Good

More cars, more tracks, more of everythng! This is the first NFS to feature transparent car windows, and it has better graphics. Even the Hot Pursuit mode is improved. Even though damage only shapes your car and cracks glass, it is still realistic. Wheels come loose, your car makes popping noises through tailpipes (Missing in NFSPU.), your car not being able to steer well, even landing from jumps can damage your suspension, and when you turn hard in a direction, your suspension will screech on the road... Or you can turn damage off. The techno music is very good, and will help keep you going. The tracks are very good, ranging from a German countryside (Landstrasse) to a Canadian forest reserve (Kindiak Park). Now about the Hot Pursuit mode, you have three ways to play it, such as Classic, Getaway, and Time Trap (I reccomend it!). You can tell that I love to track down speeders in a desert in my specially tuned Chevy Camaro Police Vehicle, or patrolling the German countryside in my Porsche 911 Turbo German Police Vehicle. Oh yes, your Police car paint job and siren varies in every country. Heck, you might even see some Park Rangers in some snow and Canadian tracks! It's that good, There's a carrier mode, which takes you through some circuits, 3 types: Tournament, Knockout, and High Stakes. I'll tell you about High Stakes, it's where you are put against an opponent in a race, and if you win, you'll win your enemy's car (And a trophy.). If you lose, it's the opposite. There's the usual arcade mode and multiplayer mode. Let's go into the bad parts...

The Bad

I am a little dissapointed that the music from NFS3 wasn't carried into High Stakes. Ah well... How do you call a wingman, and your spike strips almost always fails. Some of the later tracks are hard. I think that the cops should be faster, and more aggresive. I'm surprised that the tracks from NFS3 has been impported into High Stakes (Not a real bad thing.). The car's textures could've been a little sharper, but that's okay. I don't like people who makes those super hi-poly cars for the game... That's just about it...

The Bottom Line

This is the best NFS game I have, and this is one of the greatest racing games there is. There's plenty of challenge for everyone, so GET THIS GAME!!! Only losers say this game sucks. I say that this game is great! It'll keep you entertained while EA fixes its mistakes. Thank you and have a nice day!