Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Black Edition) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

If I only could fly...
Nice details. And this is only medium level.
Cops are very persistent
Motion blur
Won again
Closing to race starting point
My rival is coming too.
I won.
I won a car.
Ticketed for flying too low.
My paintjob is ruined!
Test driving STi
N20 boost
Jumping trough fence
My Renault Clio rushing in the streets at 200 Kmph.
Looking for a hideout in order to wait for the cool down.
Shot by a Radar!
The cops are behind me!
The Bonus DVD
Main menu
Josie's menu
It's all green screen baby!
Nice ride!
PR bluff with Josie
A look at some of the custom body kits created for the game.
The game world in early concept stage.
Early concept video
The exclusive BMW racer
And the good old Camaro!
Exclusive vinyls...
The new Black Ed. Challenge... quite frankly it's a piece of cake.
...which involves racing a Camaro against a horde of SUVs.
Eat it!!