Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed (Windows)

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed Screenshots

Windows version

Intro Screen
Tinker with the cars
Your mission, if you choose to accept it...
Outside view
Interior, in the woods
Driving in a 1950s era 356 Ferdinand.
A shot of the 356 Ferdinand from the outside.
Driving through a mineshaft in rear-overhead view.
The country roads of Normandy.
NFS5's physics model is impressive -- the older models have softer, spongy shocks, and it's immediately noticeable.
A 550 Spyders-only race in Monte Carlo.
This sharp turn becomes a traffic jam when the race first begins.
Looking to the side (passenger window) in Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo again; notice the fountain in the background.
A 944 on a dark forest road.
Scuffing up that 944.
Just crossed the finish line at 130mph and hitting a natural jump ramp in the hillside...
... and what a jump! This is for real, folks. Of course, the car didn't look quite the same when it... landed.
Catching air in a Carrera in the Zone Industrielle.
A little mountain village in the Alps.
Taking a ride through the Alps in a 914.
A gently winding road.
Even the wimpy 914 is a blast in NFS5.
Making tracks in the rain.
In the cockpit of a 911 Turbo in the Zone Industrielle.
She's a beauty.
Passing a rival on the outside at the docks.
A Boxster taking off.
Taking the low road (the slightly-longer route is on the cliff above).
A sideshot of a screaming 911.
Catching air.
Eliminating the competition.
About to enter a mountain tunnel in Corsica.
A gorgeous seaside view.
Taking a shortcut through the steel foundry.
A classics race; notice the range of different models.
Test Driver mode.
Taking the ultimate uber-Porsche out for a drive on the Autobahn.
Comparing Porsche 928 GTS and Porsche Turbo
Beauty shot of Porsche Boxter S