Need for Speed: Shift Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Select your next race.
Loading Screen
Choosing my car for the next race.
Drivin' a Mazda MX-5 around the track.
At high speeds the screen gets all blurry.
Got a level up and unlocked new stuff with it.
Now that's what I'm calling real cars.
Changing the look of my car.
It's possible to tune everything down to the exact numbers.
Looking good there.
Full speed ahead says the green racing line.
Next race comin' up.
Managed to fulfill a star objective.
Drivin' around the Dakota race track.
Title screen
Car battle begins
BMW M3 E92 car
Race starts when light is green
Hood view
Trying to catch computer
Photo mode
You have won the race
Event details
You can paint your cars
Buying upgrades
Quick race menu
Fast uphill corner from SPA track
Front view
Long straight
Bumper view
Driving a small track
Just before race starts
Master badges
Driving porsche
Inside view of Porsche Cayman S
Forgot to close trunk
Blitzing a few laps at Laguna Seca