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The Need for Speed: Special Edition (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Need for Speed: Special Edition Credits

EA Seattle

Lead ProgrammerDouglas A. Deardorff
ProgrammersMichael Lankerovich, Chuck Walters
Additional ProgrammingGordon Ludlow
Lead ArtistAndy Fuller
ArtistsMike Cressy, Shelley Armstrong, Victor Von Beck
Audio EngineerRobert Ridihalgh
TesterGayle Johnson
Development DirectorBrownwyn Richardson

EA Canada

Technical DirectorRobert Ridihalgh, Brad Gour
Additional Programming #2Andrew Brownsword
Art DirectorScott Jackson
3D ModellingKent Maclagan
Artists #2Peter King, Robert Sculnick, Giovanni Sasso, Eduardo Agostini
Audio DirectorAlistair Hirst
MusicJeff van Dyck, Saki Kaskamanidis
Game DesignHanno Lemke, Richard Mul
Executive ProducerSam Nelson
ProducerHanno Lemke
Associate ProducerGregg Giles
Assistant ProducerRichard Mul
Production AssistantSerena Whitters
Development Director #2Brett Bradstock
Product ManagerPeter Royea

International Development

Associate ProducersMarcus Lindblom, Foster Hall
German Localization ManagerBianca Normann
German Voice OverEgon Hoegen, Rolf D. Busch
English Voice OverMichael Donovan
German Documentation TranslationzeiX image digital publishing GmbH


QA CoordinatorRod Higo
Lead QA TesterJonathan Dowdeswell
Backup QA TestersChris Capell, Michael Mann
TestersBarry Chao, Andrew Chan, Jason Feser, Alexander Hobrough, John Johnson, Jonathan Kruljac, Peter Pearson, Dan Rodgers, Reg Seeton, Gordon Thornton, Eric Bertram, Andy Teal, Trevor Kerslake, Brian Deo, Darren Sleno, Jason Bone, Adam Myhill, Kristen Olafson

EA San Mateo

DocumentationJason Armatta
Documentation Design and LayoutCorinne Mah
Package DesignDavid Parmley
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Quality AssuranceOliver Ongpin

Road & Track

Feature EditorDouglas Kott
LibrarianOtis D. Meyer
Car SchematicsBill Dobson
Additional PhotographyGuy Spangenberg, Ron Perry
PhotographyRoad & Track

Original Version

Lead Programmer #2Wei Shoong Teh
Programmers #2Brad Gour, David Lucas, Daniel Teh, Shelby Hubick, Paul B. Diamond
Lead Artist #2Scott Jackson
Artists #3Robert Sculnick, Peter King, Eduardo Agostini, Thomas Graham
3D Modelling #2Kent Maclagan
Track ModellingSheila Allan
Additional 3D ModellingMarkus Tessmann
Lead AudioAlistair Hirst
Music ProducerEdwin Dolinski
Additional MusicJames Bowers, Koko Productions
Audio PostSteve Royea
Additional Audio EditingJennifer Lewis
Video TechnicianRichard Mul
Additional Programming #3D. M. Abrahams-Gessel


Special ThanksV. Paul Lee, Chris Roberts, Andrew Scott, Elias Soursos, Randy Mainwood, Laurence Malley (Mazda Canada), Bruce Iggulden (Corvette Specialties Auto Group), Frank Barchard, Iain Macanulty, Rick Friesen, Jay Page, Richard Garriott, W.A.M., Sharx Recreational Services

Additional Credits

DirectorJames Head
Director of PhotographyPeter Woeste
Executive Producer #2Scott Kennedy
Producer #2Louise Valgardson
Art Director #2Ron Bignell
PolicemanMichael St. John Smith
Additional Music #2James Bowers, KoKo Productions
Film ProductionCactus Production
Additional VideosCoast Mountain Post Production

Additional Musicians

BassRobert Bailey, Mark Rogers, Robin Steen
Cymbals and Hi‑HatChris Taylor, Darren Sleno
VocalsAngela van Dyck
GuitarScotty Hall
Additional Audio Editing #2Jennifer Lewis, Steve Royea, Crispin Hands

Classics Conversion Team

Executive ProducerTed Judson
ProducerKirsten Duvall
Technical DirectorJason Micklewright
Configuration TesterJohn Guevara
Quality Assurance RepresentativeHoward Taubman
Print Production ManagerLinda Hunnicutt
Package DesignerGrateArt
Reference Card DocumentationAndrea Engstrom
Reference Card LayoutDeborah Maxwell
Operations CoordinatorJulie Clark

EA Europe

Product ManagerClive Downie
DocumentationMark Casey
Documentation LayoutRachel Close
Package DesignJames Nolan, Colin Dodson
Package Design Lead ArtistJames Nolan, Colin Dodson
Quality AssuranceOliver Ongpin, Simon Romans

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