Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation Credits (Windows)

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Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation Credits

Game Design

Game DesignMichael Paeck, Gerhard E. Kodys
Level DesignStefan M. Halegger, Miguel Marn, Gerhard E. Kodys, Michael Paeck
Add. Level DesignMartin Kremecek, Jowood Vienna


Art DirectorStefan M. Halegger
Graphic ArtistsMiguel Marn, Steffen Gölles, David Murent, Stefan M. Halegger

Programming - Game

Lead Programmer Andreas Meissl
ProgrammersBernhard Gruber

Programming - G Framework

Lead ProgrammerBernhard Gruber
ProgrammersThomas Alten, Martin Weber, Sebastian Posch


Lead TesterFlorian Kernler
ProducerMichael Paeck
Data WizardFlorian Kernler
Manual TextsGerhard E. Kodys
Gameplay TestersJoWood Vienna

Sproing Interactive

Sound Lead Harald Riegler
Assistant ProducerGeorg Heinz
Sound DesignRobbie Ost
Music Composed, Arranged and Produced byWolfgang Tockner, Robbie Ost
Music Performed by The Funky Neighbours

JoWood Productions

Product ManagerStefan Berger
Creative DirectorKnut Jochen Bergel
Director Product ManagementMichael Hengst
Int. QA, Production + Purchasing DirectorFritz Neuhofer
Lead TestersNorbert Landertshamer
Art DirectorChristian Glatz
Graphic ArtistSabine Schmid
Localisation ManagerNikolaus Gregorcic
Int. Security and Protection ManagerGerhard Neuhofer
HotlineKai Mayer
TestersJörg Berger, Markus Brucher, Martin Bucher, Uwe Drescher, Benedikt Ebli, Harald Fritz, Katharina Grassegger, Georg Grieshofer, Petra Grossegger, Anton Handl, Oliver Helmhart, Barbara Hochwimmer, Andreas Kainer, Christian Kargl, Stefan Klaschka, Alexander Kumer, Rudolf Kussberger, Peter Lippusch, Hedwig Matl, Mario Moser, Harald Ploder, Mihai Popescu, Stephan Radosevic, Stefan Reitmaier, Eveline Rinesch, Walter Schmiedhofer, Gerald Schurl, Thomas Schwarz, Matthias Thurner, Dagmar Tiefenbacher


Blue HighwayRay Larabie
A.C.M.E Secret AgentNate Piekos (Blambot c/o)

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8703)