Nemesis of the Roman Empire Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Select an adventure to play.
The Battle of Saguntum starts. This building must be defended at all costs, losing it means game over. Roman reinforcement will arrive in 45 minutes.
A map of the current level. Romans are green, Carthaginians are red and Iberians blue.
Romans and Carthaginians are fighting.
A fortress under your control is under siege.
Game over, just 7 minutes left to the arrival of the Roman reinforcement.
Built in editor
Sea invasion
Strategic map introduction
New Cartago siege
Senators debate
Game tutorial
Strategic map view
Stone outpost
Crossing the river
Surrounded by enemies
Spain invasion
Shipyard captured
Dealing with the scouts
Troops gathering
Trade outpost
Crossing the bridge
Training camp
Enhanced walls
Stone circle
New Cartago
Agreement with Rome
Conquer of Sagantum
Crossing Alpes
Senators debate
City siege
Scenario settings
Scenario stats