NetHack (Windows)

NetHack Windows Since Toots the Gallant is riding his saddled pony,  only the pony's graphic is seen on the screen.


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Written by  :  Mr. Crap (4)
Written on  :  Apr 12, 2004
Platform  :  Windows
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The greatest game of all time.

The Good

Everything. The interactivity is outstanding for a roguelike RPG game. You can pick from 13 different types of characters, and 5 different races. That's a pretty wide range of gameplay right there.

The Bad

I wrote this review for the Windows version and not the DOS version because the DOS version has no graphics. This was a bit of a bother for me, so I tried the Windows version and was even more amazed at the game because it had some graphics this time.

The Bottom Line

Simple. The absolute greatest game of all time. I've played a LOT of other games, beat them, passed them all, etc. And then... I went back to playing NetHack - the game I could never beat. Best PC game of all time - 10/10.