Written by  :  Mattz1010 (17)
Written on  :  Jan 25, 2004
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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In short, I'd say that this game is relatively expansive while still holding a small tech tree.

The Good

I liked how this game was laid out: the view was a bird's eye view, with a bit of tilt.

I also liked how you had to sacrifice all of the enemy priests to be able to move onto the next mission or be declared the winner of the multiplayer game.

I also liked how the missions kept you hooked onto the game even after I had beaten all the missions [I could beat].

The Bad

There are only 2 things i didn't like about the game, everything else was fine:
1. Not enough buildings
2. No sequel

The Bottom Line

The game goes like this:
You start with an island (your home), a temple (for holding your storm power and allowing you to build bridges), a workshop (researches buildings), and a priest who can create a new temple if your first one is lost, more workshops, and an altar for sacrificing the enemy priest. You must research buildings in order to build them. then you need to build bridges off of your island (in a tetris/jigsaw type manner). Then you need to build your attacker buildings off of the bridges while defending them with either stronger attack buildings or defense buildings (your units will shoot through). Eventually you may to overcome the enemy's buildings, incapacitate and capture the enemy priest. After, you must take the enemy priest back to your island and sacrifice him by using an altar which sends him to the deushpere (where the furies rage against each other), and thus, (if you are in multiplayer) granting you new knowledge to you.

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