The Neverhood Credits


ProgrammingKenton Leach, Tim Lorenzen
Graphics / ArtworkBrian Belfield, Mark Lorenzen, Edward Schofield
AnimationEric Ciccone, Michael Francis Dietz, Douglas TenNapel, Edward Schofield
Original ScoreTerry Scott Taylor
Sound DesignErnie Sheesley
Lightning DirectorChristopher Breedon
ContractorsDave Adams, Jeremy Dale, Jeff Etter, Luis Gigliotti, Vanessa Jones, Michael Koelsch, Jan Lorenzen, Jon Lorenzen, Joe Potter, Christopher Rauch, Joseph A. Sanabria, Karl Schorr, Ed Leroy TenNapel
Special Effects ConsultantMark Villalobos
Armature DesignPeter Marinello
StoryDale Lawrence, Mark Lorenzen, Douglas TenNapel
BookkeeperLaurie Jacobs
Legal TeamKeith Boesky, Frederick U. Fierst
ProducerJohn A. S. Skeel
Associate ProducerDianna Carroll
Assistant ProducerTracy Dragos
Product ManagerJoshua Davidson
Test LeadTanowo Wiggins
TestersStuart Baur, Lynn Henson, Nelson Hill, Peter Piaseskyj
Configuration TestingDan Allen
Setup TestersBob Hayes, Lawrence Monji
Install ProgramSteven Herndon
Special ThanksMonique Allenbaugh, Marty Davis, Bobby Dietz, Gene Eugene, Bruce Jacobsen, Daniel Kaufman, Chris Lassen, Rick Randolph, Angie TenNapel
The Neverhood is based on characters created byDouglas TenNapel

2004 Pearman

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