Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Master Drogan has been poisoned and his artifacts stolen - and so the game begins
The game starts in snowy Hilltop
The entrance to the Elven Crypt - the first major dungeon in the game
The Mask - one of the four artifacts you must recover on Chapter I
An example of henchmen inventory interaction - equip them as you would equip yourself!
Tracking is active part of the gameplay now
The caravan is under attack!
Fighting off the stingers
The expansion takes the engine to another level with in-game puzzles and riddles
The expansion features some stunning new visuals
The entrance to the deadly tomb of Kel-Garas
The expansion uses many more visual effects for traps in the dungeons
Life is restored in the Oasis
Entrance to the Ao Encampment
In SoU, there seems to be more for a Druid to do. More lengthy conversations with animals is one.
In Chapter 1 your questing will eventually lead you to the fearsome Ice Dragon, Tymo.
Tailored armor shows off all my character's curves.
More awesome effects.. fighting Shadovar warriors in Undrentide as they appear inside the swirling portal.
The barrier's doorway comes down at last!
Walking inside the barrier on the way to the final showdown.