Using Cheat CodesContributed by Jeanne (76526) on Aug 09, 2005.

How to Use the Cheat Mode:

  1. Start your game normally
  2. Press the TILDE key, the ~ key on your keyboard, which causes a small console prompt line to appear at the very top left of your screen.
  3. Type DebugMode 1 and press Enter
  4. For each code, press ~, type the code and press Enter
  5. When finished typing codes, press ~ and type DebugMode 0 to turn off the debug mode.

To see a long list of cheat codes, while the prompt command line is active, press the TAB key repeatedly. (Some of them are listed on pages 171 and 172 of the manual.)

(Note: if a ? is part of the code, replace it with an actual number)

Here are a few of my favorites and what they do:

dm_god - toggles "god" mode (invincibility)
dm_levelup - advances your experience points enough to level up to the next level
dm_heal - fully heals your main character
dm_allspells ? - set to 1 makes all spells accessible (for spellcasters)

The following "Set" cheats set the values of the associated stats, overwriting the old values. When you type the cheat on the console, the game will enter "targeting" mode allowing you to apply the cheat to whoever you click on - your main character or a henchman.

SetSTR ? - changes Strength stat to ?
SetDEX ? - changes Dexterity stat to ?
SetCON ? - changes Constitution stat to ?
SetINT ? - changes Intelligence stat to ?
SetWIS ? - changes Wisdom stat to ?
SetCHA ? - changes Charisma stat to ?
SetSpellResistance ? - changes Spell Resistance to ?

If you have problems with the cheats, it may be dependent upon what patches and updates you have (or have not) applied to your version of the game. Look at the NWNPLAYER.INI file located in your main NWN directory. If it contains (near the top) the line .. Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=1 .. change the 1 to a 0 and save the file. (In the fully patched and updated version, that line is not there.)

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