New World Order Credits (Windows)

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New World Order Credits

Termite Games

2D ArtGianni Aliotti, Radek Jakubiak, Stephan Nilsson
3D ArtRadek Jakubiak, Martin Jilsmark, Sebastian Vlad Lindoff, Stephan Nilsson, David Passgård, Anders Stenbeck
AnimationMartin Jilsmark, Anders Stenbeck
Game DesignJim Malmros
Lead Visual DesignGianni Aliotti
ProgrammingJim Malmros, Erik Westerlund, Mathias Dabek Fransson
SoundJokke Forsryd, Magnus Jansén
System AdministrationJokke Forsryd
Manual & Box ArtGianni Aliotti
Lead TesterDavid Passgård
Additional Story DevelopmentGianni Aliotti, Jokke Forsryd
Additional Sound, Programming & ArtWilly Bartels, Rodrigo Cespedes, Georg Fischer, Pär Green, Magnus Jansén
Thanks toOur wives, girlfriends, families
Very Special ThanksMicrosoft's DirectX Team, ATI, Matrox, PowerVR, AMD, Project 3 Interactive

Strategy First Inc.

ProducerNabil Yared
Executive ProducerAdam Phillips
Product ManagerProkopios Sotos
Director of MarketingSteven Milburn
Graphic Design MarketingPhilippe Brindamour
Graphic DesignJulie Binette, Anne Lalonde, Martine Bélanger
Web DesignHugo Trépanier, Serge Mongeau
PR AssociateKelly Ekins
Marketing AssociateRaluca State
Marketing AssistantRyan Bastien
Quality Assurance TeamGuillaume Bourbonnière, Michel Chouinard, Yan Favreau Lippé, David Mallet, Sylvain Schmidt, Allison Skerl, Éric Tougas
Customer SupportBrock Beaubien, Emanuel Wall
PresidentDon McFatridge
Senior V.P.Brian Clarke
V.P. AcquisitionsSteve Wall

Infogrames Inc.

Senior V.P.Wim Stocks
V.P. Third Party/Value/AffiliatesEzra Chen
Product Line LiaisonBrian McCreary

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69396)