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The Next Big Thing (Windows)

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The Next Big Thing Credits


In Memory OfRubén

Pendulo Studios

General SupervisorThe Ominous Stein With Strange Glasses
Project DirectorRamón Hernáez
Story and DesignRamón Hernáez, Josué Monchan
DialoguesJosué Monchan
Senior ProgrammerFelipe Gómez Pinilla
ProgrammerJavier García de la Cita, Alberto González López, Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz
Senior Graphics ArtistRafael Latiegui
Background ArtistXimo Ferrer, Ángel Luis González Romero
ColorsAlfonso Salazar, Miki Montlló
Graphics DesignIgor Heras
Character DesignMiki Montlló, Igor Heras, Alberto Lozano
ModellingAlberto Lozano, Carlos Capone, Carlos A. Hernández ('KA')
Character SetupCarlos A. Hernández ('KA'), Juan Gea (Bone Studio), Irene Martinez (Bone Studio)
Character AnimationCarlos A. Hernández ('KA'), Alberto Lozano
Environment AnimationCarlos Capone
Cinematographic ConceptAlberto Lozano
Video IntegrationRafael Latiegui
Music and Sound EffectsJuan Miguel Martín Muñoz
Reference VoicesLaura Sánchez Izquierdo, Gemma Martí, Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz, Javier García de la Cita, Carlos A. Hernández ('KA')
In Cooperation withAmelia Escalero Sánchez, Daniel Martinez Bofarull, Juan Antonio Rivas Sabariego, J. A. Rivas Sabariego
Thanks toDavid and Laura, Pilar Romero, Douglas P. Prats, Miguel Herre Punto, Thierry and Fabien, Pablo Martín Sánches - The Next Small Thing, Diego Lozano Aguilar - The Next Small Thing, and of course our families and friends

Crimson Cow

Managing DirectorKarsten Otto
Head Of Marketing & PRAndré Hütten
ProducerGeorg Hach
Public RelationsHauke Schweer (Indigo Pearl)


German TranslationEva Hoogh, Berci Küper

toneworx GmbH (German Voice Recording)

ProductionJesse Grimm, Heiko Rieck, Jörg Mackensen
Sound Engineer RecordingJohannes Semm, Josko Kasten, Kai Uwe Eiserbeck (as Kai-Uwe Eiserbeck), Martin Schmidtke, Stephan Grundt
Post ProductionMartin Schmidtke
Dubbing ScriptMichael Grimm
Dubbing DirectorErik Schäffler
DirectorGeorg Hach
Voice Talent Celine Fontanges (as the voice of Liz Allaire), Ole Jacobsen (as the voice of Dan Murray), Wolf Frass (as the voice of William A. Fitzrandolph), Rainer Schmitt (as the voice of the narrator)
Additional Voice Talents (in alphabethical order)Ben Hecker, Claus Fuchs, Clemens Gerhard, Erik Schäffler, Eva Michaelis, Frank Thomé, Gerhard Hinze, Isabelle Grothe (as Isabella Grothe), Joey Cordevin, Konstantin Graudus, Michael Grimm, Robert Missler, Robin Brosch

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