The Next Big Thing Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Entering the hall of Fitzrandolph's mansion
Conversation with gofer Edgar
Liz is trying to interview Big Albert
Edgar believes to be the next Vulkan Flash actor thanks to Liz' efforts. Dan is not really convinced.
This is actually the office of Fitzrandolph's secretary.
Are you ready to get aboard!
The carnivorous dog like plant Tobbey
The Poet Of Pain is experimenting with unique measures of self inflicted mayhem to get inspiration for his lyrics.
The two bully bots watch Dan in amazement Dan destroying his bosses wife's car.
Dan observes his newest masterpiece of senseless havoc.
Nice temple site
Don't mess with that extremely smart Robot watching the exit. He has already taken your precious, battered club.
These two robots won't let you get to the sarcophagus on the left, hiding the body of Big Albert.
The strange rabbit doll in midair is a magical displacement.
Believe it or not: the DD temptress on the right is actually a nasty mummy. After some time of mutual seduction Dan has to use the Book of the Dead to get rid of her.
The MKO Zeppelin - Location of rather disturbing revelations!
This view shows achieved objectives and current goals.
The straight forward inventory
All in one options screen