NHL 97 Credits


Lead Programmer and A.I.Lance Wall
Gameplay Rendering / Realtime Motion TechnologyJay MacDonald
AnimationVictoria Wong
ProgrammerKurt Kennett
Front EndDaniel Swadling, Tedd Streibel, Trenton Shumay


Lead Artist and Front End DesignPhillip Chow
Front End and Intro 3D artist/AnimatorGregg Haggman
Gameplay Textures and Front EndTom Papadatos
Gameplay ModellingJay Page
Front End and LocalisationNicole Senger Maas
Front EndJeff Mair
Lead AnimatorDejan Stanisavljevic
AnimatorGlen Findlay

Music & Sound Effects

Lead Audio and ComposerJeff van Dyck
Composer and GuitarSaki Kaskamanidis
Acoustic DrumsJerry Adolphe
Bass GuitarRene Worst
Recording Engineer and MasteringJohn McLean


Play By Play Design and ProgrammingIain Macanulty, Kurt Kennett
Play By Play Design and EditingJohn Jacyna
Play By Play DesignJeff van Dyck
Play By Play Speech and Design ConsultantJim Hughson
Front End and Rink SpeechMichael Donovan
Additional Speech EditingAngela van Dyck, Jennifer Lewis

Tools and Libraries

GraphicsFrank Barchard
Communications and Windows 95Andrew Brownsword
AudioDavid Mercier
3D ToolsChor Guan Teo
VideoPatrick Ratto

EAC Motion Capture

Motion Capture Co‑ordinatorDemian Gordon
TrackersGreg Ipp, David Coleman, Jake Sheridan, Vincent Ng, Peter Saumur, J. J. Gonzales
Stunt Co‑ordinatorMichael Crestejo
StuntmenLawson R. Boutilier, Darryl Scheelar, Scott Dawson

EASM Motion Capture

Motion Capture Co‑ordinatorUmberto Lazzari
Additional Motion Capture SoftwareAudra Sugarman, Umberto Lazzari
TalentTom Pederson (San Jose Sharks), Floyd Whitney (Edmonton Oilers), Bobby Platt (Hockey Workout), Ken Rogers (High Score EA Sports), Shawn Jacoby (High Score EA Sports)
Motion Capture TechnologyBioVision

Quality Assurance

Q.A. Co‑ordinatorsRod Higo, Gary Lam
Q.A. LeadMichael Mann
Q.A. Back‑Up LeadTimothy Lewinson
Document QASimon Davison
TestersAndrew Chan, Mark Bayrock, Brian Deo, Jason Bone, Barry Chao, Jeff Yu, Sean Hoskins, Willie Loh, Chris Wallace, Alex Baumgard, Jing Su, Joel Frigon, Trevor Allen
Q.A. Technical SupportD'Arcy Gog, Colin Cox, Ted Nugent, Paul Breland
Communications and Technical SupportBill Kim
MasteringBob Purewal, Peter Petkov


Localisation Director, EACMarcus Lindblom
Localisation Co-ordinator, GermanyBianca Normann
Translator, GermanyRolf D. Busch
Recording Studio, GermanyStudio Frohling
German Voice TalentMartin Siebel
Localisation Co-ordinator, SwedenNiclas Nordlander
Quality Assurance, SwedenMarkus Hoc
Translation agency, SwedenCBG Konsult
Translator, SwedenMagnus Jildestad


Executive ProducersSam Nelson, Hanno Lemke
Producer and DesignKen Sayler
Development DirectorDavid Pierce
Assistant Producer and DesignDoug Hollinrake
Additional DesignDave Warfield
Assistant Producer and Video ContentAdam MacKay-Smith
Production AssistantsZoe Quinn, Serena Whitters
Product ManagerGary Knight
DocumentationBill Scheppler
Graphic DesignEdward Du Bois
EASM Quality AssurancePaul Niehaus

Video Content

NHL FootageNHL Productions
Player Interview FootageNHLPA, Be A Player
Additional 3D modelling and animationMike S. Smith
Video EditorsDeane Bennett, Adam MacKay-Smith
Audio Post ProductionFrank Faugno, Angela van Dyck, Jeff van Dyck
Goalie mask video production assistantsBrock Hunter, Jamie Hunter
Player Ratings provided byJohn Roasco (of the New York Rangers)
Statistical data provided byStats Inc.
NHL photography provided byBruce Bennett Studios Inc.

Special Thanks

EA SPORTS and Five Hole, Inc would like to thank the following mask manufacturers and artists for their help in providing the masks for use in the gameDon Strauss, James Amato, Marlene Brown, Frank Cipra, Ed Cubberly, Leonard D'Orlando, Eddy Mask, Gordon Gorrie, Head On Technology, ITECH, Brent Ivans, Michel Lefevbre, Lefevbre Masks, Dom Malerba, Pro┬┤s Choice
NHL ArenasArrowhead Pond, Canadian Airlines Saddledome, Civic Arena, Continental Airlines Arena, Corel Centre, Corestates Spectrum, Edmonton Coliseum, General Motors Place, Hartford Civic Arena, Joe Luis Arena, Keil Center, Madison Square Garden, Maple Leafs Garden, McNichols Sports Center, Miami Arena, Molson Centre, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, San Jose Arena, United Center, US Air Arena
Special Thanks ToCatherine Mary O'Brien, Doug Reid, Ilene Kent, Ted Saskin, Todd Goodman, Lenny Davis, Mott Linn, Jim Capuano, John Vanbiesbrouck, Alison McDonald, Aquila Productions, Michael T. Merhab, David Laviolette, Brett Bradstock, Edwin Gomes, Dominic Dodds, John Ho, Kyra Pehrson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204670)