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Nick Chase: A Detective Story (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Nick Chase: A Detective Story Credits


CEOAndrew Tykhonchuk (as Andrey Tykhonchuk)
Game DesignersRoman Shyshkin, Eugen Dubovik
ProgrammersAlexander Kalenuk, Alexander Zubko
ArtistsSergey Biryukof (as Sergey Birukov), Max Utkin, Elena Shvedova, Roman Bordenuk
Story byYaroslav Singayevsky

VO Actors

Nick Chase / DonnieAdam John Harrington
Joe The Scribbler / Steward / CollectorKen Krauss
Dr. Morrison / Jonathan G. / Mister XDavid Collins
Major McKErik Braa
Mary AnnMelissa Hutchison
Strategic Music StudiosDmitry Kuzmenko, Andrew Burmistrov (as Andrey Manul Burmistrov), Alexander Ivanov
Special ThanksElena Tykhonchuk

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