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Nimbus (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Despite the controls being rather awkward, Nimbus is still a joy to play. Even after completing the main story, you've got special coins to find and collect, extra ships to unlock and plenty of high-score tables to top. In total you're looking at around half a dozen hours of content, with no filler material whatsoever. If any of this sounds like your kind of thing, make sure to check it out.
Nimbus does what all good puzzle games do: it progressively builds up new mechanics on a level-by-level basis, with all of it ultimately culminating as a test to see if you've been paying attention. At the same time, its basic-in-theory concept expands without ever overly expanding. The point is never reached where the core game becomes too overwhelmed with unnecessary ideas and additions. The designers had a clear vision for this game, and they made sure it came into fruition.
Nimbus er en perle av et spill. Det kombinerer den vanedannende jakten på «den perfekte tiden» som vi kjenner fra TrackMania og Trials-spillene med intelligent og utfordrende hjernetrim. Det sier litt om spillet at selv etter å ha brukt cirka femten timer på å fullføre det (inkludert mye gjenspilling av samme nivåer for å oppnå tider jeg var fornøyd med) har jeg fortsatt ikke klart å rive meg løs. På samme måte som andre av årets indieperler (inkludert plattformspillene VVVVVV og Super Meat Boy) er Nimbus et spill laget for de som elsker spill for utfordringen og mestringens skyld, og ikke behøver intrikate historier, Hollywood-skuespill eller grafikk i millionklassen for å kunne kose seg foran skjermen. Hvis dette er en beskrivelse som passer deg, skylder du deg selv å ta en titt på Nimbus.
There’s a lot to be said about a game that can leave you so angry that your spouse has to remove any sharp objects within an arm’s reach, but yet at the same time, amongst all that anger and frustration, leaves you with a delightful feeling of euphoria when you make it to the end of the level that has caused so much pain and anguish. Nimbus can fill that five minute gap during your lunch hour but is just at home being your companion for the entire evening. While it does miss out on some core components, what it does have it does right, the end result being a charming puzzle game that will keep you occupied for hours on end. Good old fashioned puzzle based gameplay at its very finest.
Indie Game Magazine
As far as graphics are concerned, I was immediately reminded of the old Sonic the Hedgehog cross-hatched textures. Each new area features a theme which is well paired with the sound effects and music. The ambiance created by the music and crisp graphics give the game an ethereal feel, especially with the colored contrails left by the airship as it moves through the level. Overall, Nimbus is a solid game and well worth a try. It delivers on satisfaction, interest and replay. The visual effects, challenging puzzles and quick pace will keep you coming back for more. You may find yourself even slightly addicted.
With Nimbus, Noumenon Games delivers a creative, accessible, and intelligently designed title. Its style of gameplay fuses twitch action with puzzle and racing elements and offers challenges that, while sometimes frustrating, remain satisfying all the way through. With numerous reasons to replay stages, an appealing visual style and catchy electronic soundtrack, there's enough here to be able to overlook the minor control issues and enjoy the ride.
80 (UK)
Set over 50 hugely absorbing levels, Noumenom's curious puzzle-racing hybrid marks a confident debut for the Swedish team. It's tricky and exacting, but in all the right ways. The hard part is knowing when to stop.
Habile combinaison d'adresse et de réflexion, Nimbus montre, s'il en est encore besoin, que la scène indépendante n'a pas besoin de beaucoup de moyens pour produire des jeux inventifs et réussis. Que vous soyez amateur de jeu de réflexion ou que le mélange pilotage/puzzle vous attire, vous devriez trouver votre compte dans Nimbus, d'autant qu'il est proposé à tout petit prix.
Nimbus is going to draw you in. The game is quite simple, the puzzles aren’t too mentally taxing, and the levels can fly by if you are on a winning streak. The graphics are colourful and simple, which is all this game needs. Flashy graphics and special effects would distract you from the mental task ahead. The sound effects and music are also intentionally understated. Everything about the sound seems plucked from the 90s, and it fits well within the package that is Nimbus, complete with an alluring appeal to play ‘just one more level’. That said, this is not strictly just a casual game, even though the basics are easy to pick up. Skill, thought, and an abundance of patience will be needed to get through this puzzle-racer.