Ninjabread Man Credits


Developed bydata design interactive
Dedicated toThe hardworking team that pulled together and made this happen ... thanks
Head of Programming Karl White
Lead ProgrammerAdrian Fox
Additional ProgrammingJulian Alden-Salter
Lead ArtistMichael Rooker
Art TeamSam King, Dean Guy, Barry Keegan, Ed Pattman
Level Design Chris Bell, Ronald Haupt
Additional DesignMark Gemmell, Ronald Haupt
Quality AssuranceMark Gemmell, Matt Lee, Cassandra Neal, Ronald Haupt
Project ManagerRonald Haupt
ProducerStewart Green
Audio ProductionPaul Weir, Earcom Ltd.
Renderware is a registered trademark ofCanon Inc.
Portions of this software are copyright 1998-2005Criterion Software Ltd.[and its licensors.]
havok™ ©copyright 1999-2004 inc.[and its licensors all rights reserved] see for details
This game uses GODS technology© 2005 Green Solutions Ltd.
Special ThanksChristine, Rachael Arnott, Mark James, Hi Jean

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (147395)