Nitro Stunt Racing: Stage 1 Credits


Developed and Produced byGame Seed
Game,, [email protected]
F‑Jet / AI TuningStéphane Pradier
MusicDaniel Armonia, Simon Arto (Main menu)
TrailerDaniel Armonia
Quality AssuranceStéphane Pradier
DirectorsLionel Frappé, Stéphane Pradier
Physics ProgrammingEtienne Saint Paul
3D ProgrammingEtienne Saint Paul
Sound ProgrammingEtienne Saint Paul
AI ProgrammingEtienne Saint Paul
System ProgrammingEtienne Saint Paul, Fred O'Rourke
Effects ProgrammingEtienne Saint Paul, Fred O'Rourke
Tools ProgrammingEtienne Saint Paul, Fred O'Rourke
Activation SystemAurélie Chave
Additional ProgrammingFrederic Barbier, Lucas Richalland, Alexandre Bacquart, Jean-Noël Mégoz, Guillaume Moya
Project ManagerEtienne Saint Paul
DesignLionel Frappé, Sébastien Mayorgas
GraphicsLionel Frappé, Sébastien Mayorgas
PartnersAI‑Wave Development, Artefact Studio
Special ThanksGustave Leven, Jean-Christian Nugues, Gareth Murphy, Guillaume Berry, Alexandre Bacquart, Fred O'Rourke, Jean-Noël Mégoz, Guillaume Moya, Julien Amougou (Lien One), Christophe Lamour (ZeGuru), Anthony Macaré, Bruno Chabannel, Franck Maestre, Yolande Coroenne, Florence Coroenne, Olivier Robin, Norbert Cellier, Dominique Morel, Jocelyn Cioffi, Sébastien Soulier, Carole Guery, Stéphane Marchand, Olivier Jamin, Marie-Agnès Maréchal, Emmanuel Régis, Xavier Schon, Eric Angelier, Kirk Owen, Widescreen games, Lyon Game, Atari, Metaboli, Art‑Gens, Anne Lenna, Akouvi Etche, Sandrine Millet, Estelle Lo Verso, Mams; Dads and the Family

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (198911)