No Respect Credits (Windows)

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No Respect Credits


Game design & developmentAppeal
Lead programmerGil Damoiseaux
Graphics design & textureAdam Conard (ADAM)
Background modellingFilip Camermans
Ships & special effectsRenaud Dauchel
Artificial intelligenceLionel Badiou
Music using SOUNDSCAPEAlex Kharlamov (WWW.KHARLAMOV.COM)
Sound effectsMAX le producteur
Additional programmingChristof Jans, Vincent Penquerch, Benjamin Legangneux, Norbert Cellier, Yves Grolet, Yann Robert
Additional graphicsCatherine Marechal, Dominique Peyronnet, Franck Sauer
Quality control & TestsOlivier Robin, Philippe Louvet, Gerard Bareille, Pascal Cammisotto, Laurent Chiorino, Emmanuel Cholley, Emmanuel Desmaris, Carine Mawart, Sabrina Michaud
Legal adviseMarie-Pierre Orfila
Administration assistantMichele Lanoe
Production teamYves Grolet, Franck Sauer, Yann Robert, Eric Mottet, Olivier Goulay, Olivier Masclef

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daedolon (3423)