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No Surrender: Battle of the Bulge Credits


ManagementJean-Christophe Marquis, Jérôme Gastaldi
External Productions ManagerPascal Héry
ProducerDavid Hockley
Lead TesterThomas Iacobone
TestersDavid Silverio, Damien Della Bella
Additional Multiplayer Level DesignThomas Iacobone
Marketing & SalesNathalie Bousquet, Sandrine Chastang, Stéphane Grand-Chavin, Nicolas Meylan, Stéphane Roger, Julia Salmon


Idea and realizationMartin Böhmer
Programming/ScriptingVasiliy Kirichenko
3D model design, texturing & renderingVasiliy Kirichenko
Mapping & level designMartin Böhmer
Background texts & historical researchMartin Böhmer, Historical texts partly based on Hugh M. Cole
Artwork and mapsAlex Ezov, Vasiliy Kirichenko, Martin Böhmer
3D engine and techincal support provided byDigital Reality, Norbert Szabó


VoicesOutsource Media


AgencyDL Multimedia

Special Thanks to

Special ThanksDelphine Hockley, Deborah Hockley, Virginie Hery, kichick and the NSIS devs

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Credits for this game were contributed by genesis (63)