Nocturne Credits (Windows)

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Nocturne Credits


Lead ProgrammingMark Randel
ProgrammingFletcher Dunn
Additional ProgrammingAllen Bogue, Matthew Bogue, Robert Minnis
Level / Scenario DesignJoe Wampole
Additional Graphics / ArtworkChris Burns, Chuck Carson, Rick Felice
MusicKyle Richards
SoundKyle Richards
MarketingJeff Smith
Writing / Dialogue / StoryPaul Eckstein
PlaytestingMike Barry, Jason Bogardus, Chris Burns, Daniel Ellis, Brett Evan Russell, Ally Kates, Kevin Kimmell, Anton Schwing, Tatum Tippett, Tim Tischler, Jason Vigue
Acting / VoiceoversMary Beth Brooks, Candace Evans, Sonny Franks, John Galt, Drew Haworth, Dell Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Yvonna Lynn, Lynn Mathis, Julie Mayfield, Brazos Mcdonald, Michael Porter, Jeremy Schwartz, Paul Slavens, Ric Spiegel, Harmyn Tyler, Rosalia Wallace
Special Thanks ToDonna Baker, Asenath Williamson
User manual produced and printed byMars Publishing Company[]
User manual Authorship byAfter Hours Productions
Manual PublisherEdwin E. Steussy
Manual CoordinationAmy I. Yancey
Manual DesignAmy I. Yancey
Manual Graphic ArtistMichael Duggan

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