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GameZone (Sep 28, 2003)
Overall, Northland is definitely an improvement over the Cultures 2 title, which makes it even better for those of us who were big Cultures 2 fans to begin with. Everything that made the original Cultures 2 game is back in, including the ease of gameplay and extreme hours of potential playtime. The addition of the creation mode also helps to prolong the enjoyment; since even long after the single player and campaign settings are gone … you can still continue to create your own single and multiplayer maps. In my initial preview, I was a little worried about what might happen to the series since it went from JoWood to another developer … but I’m happy to say that they proved me wrong and it only got better.
PC Games (Germany) (Nov 22, 2002)
Hinter der Reise nach Nordland verbirgt sich nichts weiter als eine aufpolierte Version des altbekannten Cultures 2. Sie nehmen einen kleinen Wikinger-Stamm unter Ihre Fittiche, bilden die Jungen zu Steinmetzen, Farmern und Töpfern aus, sorgen für Nahrung und Unterkunft, verheiraten Männlein und Weiblein und sehen die Familie wachsen. Wer das als Siedler-Spieler oder Völker-Fan noch nicht kennt, sollte jetzt zuschlagen: Die Aufbau-Variation von Funatics bleibt auch in der neuen Fassung Sieger im Spielspaß-Vergleich.
While the story is interesting and infused with Norse legend, it's the multiple difficulty levels, whimsical art style (which is a good thing), and hands-on management of individuals that makes this more engaging to a wider audience of players. Somewhere between The Sims and Civilization, Northland fills a unique gap in the strategy genre.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2002)
Es verwundert mich kaum, dass die Reise nach Nordland fast genauso spaßig ist wie Cultures 2. Immerhin dient die gleiche Engine als Basis, und fast alle Spielelemente sind aus dem Hauptprogramm übernommen. Für Wikinger-Veteranen ist deshalb wenig Neues drin. Wer aber schon Cultures 2 mochte, für den lohnt sich trotzdem die Aufbau-Pauschalreise für 30 Euro. Alle anderen greifen ein wenig tiefer in den Sparstrumpf und holen sich lieber Anno 1503.
77 (Nov 21, 2002)
Cultures war und ist mein Wusel-Favorit. Trotzdem bin ich aus vielerlei Gründen stets skeptisch gegenüber Add-Ons. Mit Recht, denn obwohl Die Reise nach Nordland im Rahmen der Geschichten aus der Cultures-Welt auch ohne das Haupt-Programm funktioniert, kommt sie weder spielerisch noch in der Präsentation an dieses heran. Andererseits fesselt das altbewährte Aufbauprinzip trotz nur mäßigem Aufwasch wieder vor den Bildschirm. Alles sieht so putzig aus, dass man seinen Winzlingen am liebsten stundenlang beim Werkeln zuschauen möchte. Das kann man aber auch genauso gut bei Cultures 2 tun, so dass die Nordland-Erweiterung nur was für absolute Fans ist!
Northland does a decent enough job of combining The Sims with resource management and town planning, but I can't recommend this over the much better options within the PC simulation and strategy genres. Also, Viking women are apparently only good for cooking, cleaning, and popping out babies, which seems a bit archaic. I'd look elsewhere for your strategy fix.
IGN (Apr 02, 2004)
The inability to just create new units when you need them, the narrow pathfinding abilities, and the gradual pace of the game, even at its highest speed settings, the need to assign units to each building, thus taking them away from other things you already need them to do, makes this a much different simulator than we're used to. The graphics are nothing special and have serious issues with current ATI cards, the sound and music are nice but nothing memorable, and in the end, Northland is a fairly pleasant diversion at times, but a little boring otherwise. You can get into a groove, just making new stuff, upgrading things, developing trade routes, some light diplomacy, but the pathfinding and micromanagement will eventually throw up a roadblock and push you right out of "the zone." There are other, better games along these lines, like Caesar III and Zeus, and this game eventually just comes off as a flawed Settlers installment with a Viking theme.
GameSpot (Apr 08, 2004)
Overall, Northland falls short of delivering a satisfying experience. It's difficult to care about the story or any of the characters in it when the game doesn't have any voice acting to lend personality to it. Furthermore, it's tough to slog through all the minutiae the game throws at you. The tedious busywork will be particularly irritating to anyone familiar with more-recent RTS games that bend over backward to streamline mundane aspects of gameplay to focus on what's most important. If that isn't reason enough to avoid Northland, ATI card users have to deal with figuring out a work-around just to load the game. While hardcore Cultures fans and those who enjoy micromanagement may find something to like in Northland, anyone else--especially people with short attention spans--should look elsewhere.
GamePlasma (May 11, 2004)
This game is not fun by any means. I will say again that this is not a game and you can't possibly play it. It's more like sit at your computer and watch a bunch of Disney looking cartoon character Vikings walk around happy-go-lucky style like they are tripping on the mushrooms... except Funatics Software forgot about the part where the Vikings go beserk.