Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Opening shot of the Malachi castle
The main courtyard of the castle.
The photo album of your friends/family that needs rescuing.
Full moon w/ bats in the courtyard.
Something came flying out that window.
Watch out for falling glass!
It's Father Aville the family priest that got thrown out of the window.
The game plays like an old silent movie w/ cutaway's to dialog screens.
The cane sword doesn't do much damage to these ugly creatures.
You can even rescue the family dog if you dare!
The vampires like to hide in unsuspecting places.
The entrance to the castle and main courtyard is a sanctuary.
If you're quick you can kill them with a wooden stake before they get up.
The flintlock is a one-shot death for most of the ugly creatures.
But for the wraith you must use father Aville's crucifix.
Sound FX and graphics are very good when using the crucifix.
Don't lose track of the time.
The full moon shining through the stained glass windows.
Take that you unearthly creature of the night.
"The woman falls forever it seems,..." Your family will die if you don't get to them in time.
What happens if you run out of time.
Saving your family and friends is an important part of the game
Using the crucifix water can be blessed...
...and the chalice will transform it into a very powerful weapon
Strange tool
Intro - your girlfriend
on graveyard
Villager with gun
Demonic dog