Obscure: The Aftermath Credits


Executive Vice PresidentRogier W. Smit
Chief Technical Officer & Production DirectorDominique Morel
Chief Marketing, Lixensing & Sales Officer / Vice PresidentStefan Layer
ProducerJesse America
Product Support Services ManagerClaire McGowan, Hoang-Minh Luu
International Sales DirectorPierre-Yves Thiercelin
Sales ManagerRussell Beadle
Marketing ManagerBeco Mulderij
PR ManagerJean-Paul Hardy
Corporate Communications & IR ManagerSara Sky Schutte
Lead TesterPoria Torkan
Testing TeamRelQ, Absolute Quality, Enzyme, Bram Wijkhuise
Special thanks toWillem M. Smit (Chief Executive Officer), and everyone at Playlogic International
Public Relations EuropeIMC InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH
LocalizationVoice agency Inter Voice
Graphics / DTPBernhard Döller
Storyboard ConsultantJurjen Kraan (www.alicewell.nl)
Voice RecordingVoice agency Inter Voice

ObsCure 2 Team

Executive ProducerPierre Leroux
Additional ProducerFrançois Potentier


Art DirectorAnthony Lejeune
Lead Background ArtistYann Maheust
Background ArtistsBenjamin Lucas, Jérôme Camprasse, Thibault Courbet
Lead Character ArtistLaurent Sauvage
Character ArtistAnthony Lejeune
Monsters Concept ArtistsAnthony Lejeune, Jeff Rey (Luter)
InterfaceJérôme Camprasse, Yann Maheust


Lead AnimatorOlivier Feutry
AnimatorNicolas Monier

Game Design

Lead Game DesignerBenjamin Ortiz
Scenario and dialogueSébastien Renard


Lead ProgrammerEmmanuel Bernard
Technical DirectorLionel Fumery
Player and TeammateEmmanuel Horrent
EnemiesBenjamin Detaevernier
GameplayChristian Martin, Emmanuel Horrent, Nicolas Pinçon
ScriptingChristian Martin, Emmanuel Horrent, Nicolas Pinçon, Tony Marques
CamerasBruno Carrez, Tony Marques
Special effectsAlban Lecocq
AudioBruno Carrez
2D interfacesEmmanuel Bernard, Yann Le Maner


CG StoryboardingAlexandre Crampon, Anthony Lejeune
CG ScreenplayGuillaume Colomb
CG AnimationAnaïs Thomassian, Fabien Le Gal, Fabrice Lacroix, Nicolas Monier, Olivier Feutry, Rémi Edmond, Simon Bridoux
CG ArtBenjamin Lucas, Jérôme Camprasse, Julien Butruille, Rémi Despret, Vincent Courbis-Poncet, Yann Maheust

Music and Sound

Music Composed and Produced byOlivier Derivière (www.olivierderiviere.com)
Performed byBoston Quartet, Children Choir of the National Opera of Paris


Lead TestersAurélien Peretti, Sébastien Brozek


Chief Executive OfficerDenis Potentier
Chief Technical OfficerLionel Fumery
Director of MarketingJerome Duhamel
Chief Financial OfficerIsabelle Penninck
AdministrationJamila Ouahid, Kamel Memmou
Research and DevelopmentAlban Lecocq, Bruno Carrez, Emmanuel Bernard, Lionel Fumery, Yann Le Maner

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Hoang-Minh Luu, 9 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61655)