Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Credits


Executive ProducerSherry McKenna
DirectorLorne Lanning
Production DesignSteven Olds, Farzad Varahramyan
ProducerFrank Simon, Frank Ryan
Assistant ProducerHeidi Ewert, Gerilyn Wilhelm
Game DesignJeffrey Nicholas Brown, Paul O'Connor
Lead Technical DirectorChristophe Chaverou
Technical DirectorsEric Antanavich, Scott Easley, Jane Mullaney
Lead ProgrammingEric Yiskis
ProgrammingCraig Ewert, Todd Johnson, Tim Z. Andersen, Mike Waltman
Audio ProducerJosh Gabriel, John Gabriel
Sound Design & MusicEllen Meijers-Gabriel
Character VoicesLorne Lanning, The Shiflett Studio
Digital ArtistsCathy Johnson, Leonardo Palang
Associate Art DirectorRobert D. Brown
SculptorsBrandon Shiftlet, Jarod Shiftlet
Character ModellingViewpoint Datalabs
Chief Operating OfficerMaurice Konkle
Director of TechnologyAndrew Fruin
Director of Human ResourcesAva Arsaga
SupportMichelle Davis, Jim Fajardo, Ainslee Lange, David Rothman, Jenny Shaheen, Teresa Tam, David A. Vergara

Digital Dialect

ProducerMichael Case
ProgrammingDavide Pasca, Sean L. Palmer

GT New York

Chairman of the BoardJoe Cayre
PresidentRon Chaimowitz
CEORon Chaimowitz
Exec.VP/GM Intl. Div/Business AffairsHarry Rubin
Product ManagerShari Bernstein
ProducerKurt Busch
VP of MarketingHolly Newman
VP of Corporate CommunicationsAllyne Mills
Sr. Communication ManagerDan Harnett
Manager of Investor RelationsDawn Berrie
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
VP Enterprise GroupMurray Froikin
ManualNicholas Lavroff
Art Traffic CoordinatorLiz Fierro
Asst. Communications ManagerChristina Kerzner
Executive VP of PublishingRichard Burns

GT Europe

Marketing DirectorMarc Swallow
PR Manager (UK)Peter Hawley
ProducerJason Perkins
Assistant ProducerBen Walker
Localisation ManagerCara McMullan
Product ManagerNichola Bentley
QA ManagerLiam DelaHunty
Assistant QA ManagerGraham Axford
Quality Assurance TeamMark Smikle, Scott Burfitt, Kolin Tregaskes, Tim Wileman, Tim Mawson, Germaine Mendes, Emily Britt

Special Thanks

Special ThanksBUF Company for their technical support, Katie from Kinkos, Brian from Audio Ecstasy, Cafe Roma, Benvenuti, Big Sky, EntreE Express, Mother's Tavern, Marion at Casablanca Travel, Leslie at Open Air, Bug Police, Cal Poly Abatoir, Custom Meat Cutting by Vince, Joan Parreant, Sparks Exhibists, Vera Stoeber SVS Graphic Design, Scott Adair, San Luis Obispo, Wyndham Hannaway & Associates, Alana at Random, RDA International Inc., Raymond Swanland, Tommy Tallarico, Bill Skrzyniarz, David Wexler
Special Thanks (GT USA)Andre Garcia (Quality Assurance), Richard Davis (PD Pitbull), Michael Marrs, Vic Merritt, Jill Pomper, Jennifer Scheerer (Graphic Artist), Lesley Zinn Abarcar (Graphic Artist), Will Busch, Lynn Lupo, Theresa Lopez, Hiromi Nobata, Bradley Smithart, Maxwell Taylor, Chris Garske
A very special thanks toall our families and friends [We could not have done this without their unconditional love and support]

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159527) and Pix (1205)