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Of Light and Darkness: The Prophecy (Windows)

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Of Light and Darkness: The Prophecy Credits


Gar HobJames Woods
Angel GeminiLolita Davidovich
3D Art and Environment DesignGil Bruvel
StoryDavid Riordan, Kenneth Melville
Game DesignCliff Johnson
ProgrammingEric Whelpley
Lead ArtistWes Burian
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
Executive in Charge of DevelopmentTrish Wright
Art DirectorTodd J. Camasta
Written byKenneth Melville
Produced byBrian F. Christian
Directed byDavid Riordan
Musical ScoreSteve Gutheinz
Script Translation & Foreign Voice RecordingsSPG Studios


The JudgeValeri Ross
The BailiffWilliam Utay
Mad JacksonGraham Beckel
The Amazing ZandiJacob Witkin
Margaret WongLois Chiles
Harlan WrightWilliam Utay
Chaz GonzalezRichard Coca
MotorMouthVictor Love
Jayme JanowitzMarlan Clarke
Father ZdoniusAlan Bergmann
Brother HungerJerome Butler
Brother StrifeJoe Seely
Brother DeathJohn Freeland Jr.
Brother WarVictor Love
White Telephone LadyTress MacNeille
LecturerAlan Bergmann
The FamilyKenneth Campbell, Lois Chiles, Paula Solano, Brady Bluhm
FamineHeidi Shannon, Billy Bob Lama
FloodAmanda Anka, William Utay
PlagueLisa Kaplan
Earth ShiftsPeter Krause
World War IIIPenny Wiggins
Poisoned AirJamison Jones
RadiationJohn Freeland Jr.
PiankhyKenneth Campbell
ManiJacob Witkin
RajAugul Nigam
CrowleyWilliam Utay
ZanazcaLucy Rodriguez
Ivan the TerribleJerome Butler
Shakem Ben‑JaminJacob Witkin
Heung Po‑ChiTait Ruppert
KoobooragongKenneth Campbell
Man of No NameOgie Zulueta
Marie AntoinettePenny Wiggins
John Wayne GacyBrandon Scott
CaligulaBrandon Scott
XuanchiquelRichard Coca
OsiraPaula Solano
ShaamraPaula Solano
Elvis PresleyJoe Seely
TiplotezcaKevin Sifuentes
TiriniaNatalija Nogulich
Sergius OrataKenneth Campbell
AnkaHeidi Shannon
Carlos MarcelloKenneth Campbell
Wa No TeOgie Zulueta
Alfred KruppWilliam Utay
DroessusJacob Witkin
Dagmar HurtDanna Hansen
Jimmy Ray ChristianJimmy Ray Christian
DoorsHeidi Shannon
The Beating HeartLupe Ontiveros
The Pirate FlagTom Todoroff
News Woman 1Ali Elk
News Woman 2Natalija Nogulich
News Man 1Jamison Jones
News Man 2Joe Seely
Clown MaskTom Toderoff
Dark LordsDark Lords
Mission ControlKenneth Campbell
PresidentJohn Freeland Jr.
Special Thanks for Casting HelpTom Toderoff, Marlan Clarke, Lois Chiles


3D SGI Artists: Animation, Lighting, MoviesWes Burian, Kristifir Klein, Avi Das, Carol Angell
ScriptingRon Smith
Associate ProducerRonald E. Austin
Angel Body AnimationBradley P. Grace, Jung Lee, Tim Jones
Angel Facial AnimationJake Bergman, Alan Kerry
Dark Isle Throne RoomChristian Bradley
Trickster AnimationJohn McGinley, Jamie DiSalvio
3D LightWave Apocalyptic MoviesEugene Cordwell Jarvis, Mark Bergo, Christian Bradley, Richard Wardlow, Tim Jones
2D MasksJung Lee, Eugene Cordwell Jarvis
Additional 3D SGI ArtStan Woo, Ian Sebryk
Additional Game DesignRon Smith, Eric Whelpley
Production CoordinatorsGina Brown, Cheryl Posner
Prophecy ResearchJennifer Moffett
Music Produced byKenneth Melville (Independent Film Composers)
Voice RecordingJulian Cook (Marc Graue Recording), Marc Graue (Marc Graue Recording)
Sony Music StudiosTroy Gonzales, Clint Crumb
Pacific Ocean PostDavid Gertz
Stewart Sound FactoryBob Stewart
Voice ProducersChris Borders, Tom Toderoff
Audio Post ProductionBob Stewart (Stewart Sound Factory), Cindy Stewart (Stewart Sound Factory)


Additional Mixing and MasteringCharles Deenen
SFX MasteringCraig Duman
Additional SFXGregory R. Allen
Angel and Trickster Motion CaptureHouse of Moves
Trickster Motion Capture ArtistMarlan Clarke
3D RenderingLakhvinder David Takhar Center for Advanced Studies
Special Thanks toJas Takhar
Game Manual Written bySharon Dahl
Manual DesignTracie D. Martin
"Mondo Apocalypso" & "F-Death" Written byKenneth Melville
SingersStorm Large, Sh'Killa, Tracy Kyle, Brother Hunger, Brother Strife, Brother Death, Brother War
Mixed byBrian F. Christian (Enterprise Studios)
Marketing DirectorKaren Schohan
Marketing ManagerDebbie Howell
Traffic ManagerTom Donner
PR DirectorKirk Green
PR ManagerKathy Carlson, Christine Nagata


Director of QAChad Allison
QA ManagerSteve Victory
QA Project SupervisorGreg Baumeister
TestersDanny Martinez, Rodney Smith, Edward Hyland, Dennis Presnell
QA I.S. Technical ManagerFrank Pimentel
I.S. TechniciansBill Delk, Christian D. Peak, Steve Cabiness
Director of CompatibilityPhuong Nguyen
Compatibility TechniciansMarc Duran, Derek Gibbs, Jonathan Darke
International Product ManagerThomas R. Decker
Additional Translations, Editing and Quality AssuranceHeike Walther (German), Marina Bermon (French)

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