Of Light and Darkness: The Prophecy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title logo
Part of the intro animation featuring exposition by newspaper headlines
Main menu
This disturbing jack-in-the-box appears in the starting room
The starting room is also a place where some ethereal band practices
Starting out in the strange netherworld
Underground cavern
Underground cavern with floating apparition
Front steps of the netherworld with 2 apparitions to dispatch
This showcases the item inventory, consisting mostly of colored orbs
A room with a lot of faces
A disturbing animation shown after you have failed and must start over
This is some sort of clock that figures into the spirit realm
Sometimes the game allows you to look upward on certain screens
A cutscene featuring Angel Gemini whose role will become more clear throughout the game
Colored orbs litter the ground; used for dispatching apparitions
The theater that represents the sin of pride
This icon indicates that this path is barred until you jump through some other hoop in the game