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Official Formula One Racing Credits (Windows)

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Official Formula One Racing Credits


Concept and Project ManagingJean-Luc Langlois, Daniel Macré
Car Physics and AIDavid Alloza, Emmanuel Chamayou, Guillaume Genty, Daniel Macré
ControlsGuillaume Genty, Jean-Luc Langlois, Claude Sablatou
CamerasMartin Korolczuk
Network ProgrammingMatthieu Besson, Nicolas Poulhes
InstallationGuillaume Genty
3D EngineJean-Luc Langlois
Circuit ArtworkSerge Fiedos, Frédéric Fournier, Arnaud Le Bot, Romain Macré, Stéphane Polard
Car ArtworkArnaud Le Bot
Menu ArtworkBekir Aysan, Damien Bigini, Serge Fiedos, Arnaud Le Bot, Mariella Monti, Stéphane Polard
Menu ProgrammingNicolas Poulhes
Intro CreditsBekir Aysan
F1 MultimediaVirgile Macré, Mariella Monti
DocumentationDaniel Macré, Virgile Macré
Sound and VideoMatthieu Besson, Guillaume Genty, Jean-Luc Langlois
ToolsMatthieu Besson, Emmanuel Chamayou, Christian Droin, Guillaume Genty, Martin Korolczuk, Nicolas Poulhes, Claude Sablatou


ProgrammingXavier Bouchoux, Benoit Girard
ArtPierre Diebol, Raphaël Gonçalves, Jean-Christophe Guyot, Laurent Lenoir
MusicMike Ash, Mark Tatham
Animation ArtSerge Fiedos, Arnaud Le Bot
Animation ProgrammingMartin Korolczuk, Nicolas Poulhes

Eidos UK

Senior ProducerDarren Hedges
ProducerNeil Donnell
HR ManagerKaren Ridley
Localization ManagerFlavia Timiani-Dean
PRJonathan Rosenblatt
Criative Services ManagerRashon Chowdhury
Publisher CoordinationRose Montgomery
Quality Control ManagerTony Bourne
Lead Quality ControlLawrence Day, James Featherstone, Jonathon Redington
Quality ControlJohn Ree, Allen Elliot, Victoria Watson, Steven Didd, Linus Dominique, Alex Faulkner, Clint Nembhard, Jake Bryan-Amaning, Yuvie Odedra, Paul Glancey, Jason Walker (Compatibility)
3D Card SupportKrisalis, Peter Harrap, Graham Richardson
Voice Casting and ProductionAllintheGame Ltd
VoiceJonathan Aris
Cinematic Sequences ProducerMaverick Media, Digital Animations

Special Thanks

Eidos InteractiveJohn Kavanagh, Jonas Eneroth, Lorna Evans, Lee Briggs, Holly Andrews, Michael Souto, Benjamin Twose, Andy Farquhar, Jon Payton, Keith Bradley
Eidos GermanyChristian Zoch
Eidos FranceStephane Cormier
OthersPeter Devery, Video Systems, Will Jeffrey, Maverick Media, Michael Goddard, AMD Machines, Martin Pond, A Creative Experience, Nevers‑Magny‑Cours Circuit, Guy Moret, Laurence Royer, Sylvain Guillot, Mclaren International Ltd, John Dickinson, Patrick Lowe, Helen Mavrouvis (Melbourne)

Video Systems Co.

PresidentKoji Furukawa
MembersMasahiro Yanagisawa, Alistair McNally, Yuki Ito, Taichi Fujisawa, Kaya Haraguchi

Eidos USA

ProducerFrank Hom
Development ManagerJames Poole
Marketing USAKelly Zavislak
PRSteve Groll
Quality Control ManagerMichael McHale
Quality Control LeadKenneth Schmidt
Quality ControlChristopher Charles, Mike Schmitt, Steve Goebel, John Arvay, Mike Orenich, Peter Schmalz, E. Mark Smith, Ron Lavron


Graphic DesignA Creative Experience

PI Editora

Editor In‑ChiefOlavo Panseri
EditorsAnabel Ly Maduar, Nicole Collet, Rosemary Lima
TranslationCecília Vilhena
OverviewDenise Y. Niy
EditingAdraino Vallocci, Fábio Costa
Assistent EditorsLuiz Alberti Jr., Miriam Chinalli
TestingHenrique Costa, Marcus Paulo, Rafael Matsunga
Sound EngineerRogério Maudonnet
Product ManagerGerson de Souza
Graphic MaterialSpeed Print

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