The Oil Blue Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequence with some information about the company you work for.
Main menu
Title screen
Deverloan Facility is the first location where you are deployed.
The game includes a comprehensive tutorial where the different types of machines are explained in detail.
Overall statistics after one day of working
This is the Oil Derrick. You control the different button on the left. On the right a radar shows when you can drill towards a pocket of oil.
Not enough money to provide for the workers
One of the mini-games where you repair machinery.
Leave the machines unattended and you need to pay for the damage.
The main objective has been completed - time to move to a new island.
This is the screen where you sell the barrels of oil when there is a favourable price.
Previous islands still bring in royalties even when you are at a new location.
Upgrade screen. Certain upgrades can only be done after reaching a certain ranking.
The tanks are full, you need to transfer the oil before you can proceed here.
Managing six fuel cells and the production speed at a Groundwell. The yellow lights show that all six cells are active. Deactivate one to make it recharge.
Ranking system - you start at level 50.
An upgraded Groundwell at level 16 with eight fuel cells.
The Pumpjack requires less attention. Selected the filled squares on the right and they will be collected.
The Drill Rig has a touch-based interface. You draw the points on the map, release pressure, collect oil, and transfer it when the tanks are full.
Each ranking comes with a new advantage.
You can also unlock conceptual designs and art.