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Omikron: The Nomad Soul Credits


DirectorDavid Cage
Project ManagerOlivier Demangel
Internal ProducerAnne Dévouassoux
Design and GraphicsPhilippe Aballea, Franck Aubessard, Nathalie Chody, Olivier Demangel, Stéphane Elbaz, Kamel Gali, Amar Hamidi, Corentin Jaffré, Yann Legal, Xavier Malard, Loic Normand, Edouard Pham, Tsoa Rakotoarisoa, Pierre Roux, Eric Seigaud
ProgrammingFabien Fessard, Stéphane Fournier, Frédéric Hanoulle, Francois Kermorvant, Jean-Charles Meyrignac, Olivier Nallet, Julien Varnier, Antoine Viau, Christophe Vivet
AnimationYan Le Gall, Tony Lejuez, Christophe Leulier, Xavier Malard
IAM ScriptingSophie Buhl, Nathalie Chody, Audrey Leprince
CamerasDavid Cage, Daniel Cinglant
DialogRégis Carlier, Marie Catherine Herveau, Anne Dévouassoux, Christophe Leulier, Tsoa Rakotoarisoa
Sound Effects, Ambient & Additional tracksXavier Despas
Original English VoicesPaul Bandey, David Bowie, Christian Erickson, Patrick Floersheim, David Gasman, Edward Marcus, Gay Marshall, Joseph Rezwin, Karen Strassman, Barbara Weber, Allan Wenger
Iman 1631Iman 
The DreamersGail Ann Dorsey, David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels
Sound EngineerJean-Jacques Toroella
Motion Capture ActingMarc Chung, Tony Dehas, Pascal Gentil, Minh Minh Ngo, Emmanuelle Parlant
ProducerHerve Albertazzi
Producer (US)Tom Marx
Senior DesignerPhilip Campbell
Additional SupportPaul Glancey
QA Manager (UK)Tony Bourne
QA Manager (US)Michael McHale
QA Project Co‑OrdinatorDominic Berzins
Senior Tester (UK)David Rousseau
Testers (UK)Nicolas Gianel, Guillaume Petit, David Asenkat, Jonathon Redington, Tyrone O'Neil, Linus Dominique, Jonathan Arday, Sammy Kil, Alexandre Lepoureau, Darren Lewis
Lead Tester (US)Clayton Palma
Testers (US)Chris Lovenguth, Pierre Roux, Corey Fong, Greg Rizzer, Lars Bakken, Carissa Shubb, Robert Swain
Compatibilty Testing (UK)Jason Walker
Compatibility Testing (US)E. Mark Smith
LocalizationHolly Andrews, Flavia Timiani-Dean
Development Manager (Europe)David Rose
Development Manager (US)Nicholas Earl
Product Manager (UK)Michael Newey
Product Manager (US)Susan Boshkoff
Product Manager (Germany)Marcus Berhens
Product Manager (France)Olivier Salomon
PR (UK)Jonathan Rosenblatt, Steve Starvis
PR (US)Brian Kemp
PR (France)Priscille Demoly
PR (Germany)Sascha Green-Kaiser
Special Thanks ToEric W. Adams, Lee Briggs, Charles Cornwall, David Cox, Nick Davies, Robert K. Dyer, Robert Goodale, Frank Hom, John Kavanagh, Mike Kawahara, Debbie Lash, Ian Livingstone, Mike McGarvey, Matthew Miller, Rose Montgomery, James Poole, Jo Kathryn Reavis, Mike Schmitt, Rebecca Shearin, Paul Sheppard, Eva Whitlow, William Zysblat, Janey de Nordwall, Amanda & Sam
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw, The Write Stuff
Quantic Dream would like to thankJohn for his faith, Bruno for believing when there really was no reason to, Iman; David and Reeves for their enthusiasm - their talent and their intelligence, Charles for accepting the challenge, Philip for his support and enthusiasm, Eidos, Eidos France, Tony and Ed for the quality of the casting and devoting so much time to us, All the people that sent us encouraging e-mails and supported us from the start, Our wives and girlfriends for being patient and understanding, All the staff at Quantic Dream for the sleepless nights and the long week-ends
Original Songs and SoundtracksDavid Bowie, Reeves Gabrels
Body Motion CaptureActi System
Facial Lipsynching and Dialogue Motion CaptureTribu
Mr. Bowie's Motion Capture created & performed byEdouard Locke
Creative ManagerMatthew Carter-Johnson
Creative Co‑ordinatorCaroline Simon
Manual Design & LayoutA Creative Experience; London

Eidos Interactive Germany

Product Development LeadBeco Mulderij
Product ManagerLars Wittkuhn
Public RelationsSascha Green-Kaiser
LocalisationLars Wittkuhn
TranslationViolet Media, Isabel Sterner
German Quality AssuranceSören Winterfeldt (and his team)
Audio DirectionLars Wittkuhn
Recorded atHastings Hamburg
Pro‑Tools GiantsCedric Hopf, Peter, Oscar
Voice TalentsMarion von Stengel, Frank Glaubrecht, Joachim Kertzel, Manfred Lehmann, Eberhardt Haar, Dorothea Hagena-Lott, Wolfang Kaven, Henry König, Helgo Liebig, Robert Missler, Uli Pleßmann, Robert Poerschke, Angela Quast, Stefan Schlabritz, Rainer Schmitt, Claudia Schermutzki, Erich Virch, Tanja Dohse-Zimmermann
Special Thanks ToHerve Albertazzi (for all his support), Loic Normand (for his insight in the intricacies of character), Flavia Timiani-Dean (for patience), Holly Andrews (for patience)

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