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Once Twice Thrice Official Website:
    Once Twice Thrice is a puzzle game like no other. You control three elemental wizards who command the power of earth, fire, and water. Use their combined powers wisely to navigate dangerous terrain and outwit fantastic creatures.

    Matthius the Fierce is the Wizard of Fire. He can walk safely over lava and through fire, and his fire spell can burn down trees and eliminate some enemies.

    Howard the Third is the Wizard of Earth. He can walk through trees, and his earth spell can make trees grow, which can block enemies or hold down switches.

    Skimlet the Wet is the Wizard of Water. He can walk on water and cross ice without slipping. His water spell can dowse fires and destroy some fiery enemies.

    Once Twice Thrice has the kind of addictive gameplay that completely capitivates and enthralls you. Every level works like a simple maze where each wizard has a clear goal to reach. However, no wizard can do it all alone! You must combine the elemental powers of Matthius, Howard, and Skimlet to help them overcome the obstacles in their path. For instance, Matthius can burn down a tree that blocks Skimlet, while Skimlet douses a Fire Frog threatening Howard. Meanwhile, Howard grows a small patch of trees to keep a mushroom from shooting poisonous spores at Matthius. Once Twice Thrice is a game of cooperation, not competition! With over 50 original puzzles, you'll be entertained for hours.


    • 50 fun levels, each with unique puzzles
    • Play levels in any order
    • Combine the powers of 3 wizards to overcome challenges
    • 13 types of creatures, each with different behavior patterns
    • 10 different types of terrain for lots of visual variety 4 different special tiles: switches, stoppers, sliders, and warps
    • Literally thousands of different ways to interact with the game environment
    • Lifetime stat tracking records all of your achievements
    • Gameplay is quick and easy to learn, with new elements introduced at a steady pace
    • Use creatures of the land or your wizards' own magic to alter the game world and create a path to your goal

      Additional Full Version Benefits and Bonuses

    • Enjoy all 50 creative levels
    • Encounter more exotic creatures, including T-Rex, sharks, walking cactus, termites, torchguys, and more
    • Get the Making of Once Twice Thrice! Go behind the scenes to learn the secrets behind the magic in this special documentary. See original game concept art, the developer's journal, an exclusive interview with designer/programmer Brandon Wood, and commentary on the future of our wizard trio.
    • 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee


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