Oni Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Oni options screen
Main Menu Screen
Syndicate Warehouse
Flying Kick - Van Damme Style
A friend...
Flying perhaps...?
Opps looks like took a wrong step....
A little one on one....
The starting of a journey...
Ouch! that hurts....
Yes thats what happens to trash...it gets thrown!
Brother dearest perhaps...?
The lab
Konoko's first boss 'battle' against the Deadly Brain
Konoko battles the Syndicate enforcer Barabas and his devestating Wave Motion Cannon
TCTF agents help Konoko in a firefight with Syndicate Strikers
Konoko and her fellow TCTF agents defend the TCTF HQ from a massive Syndicate invasion
I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Shirow
Battling Boss Muro's femme fatale Furies in an attempt to rescue Shinatama
Konoko confronts Muro's master ninja Mukade, who can't resist spouting vaguely sinister cryptic gibberish at her
Mukade uses funky ninja magic, but he's no match for our heroine's butt-kicking powers
Konoko battles Konoko. How existential can you get?
Shinatama looks quite messed up compared to when you saw her last, thanks mainly to your ex-boss Griffin who turns out to be a bit of a jerk
Beat the game and you'll be able to play again as different characters, such as TCTF Officer Karen, seen here fighting with some Black Ops SWAT
Big Head Mode takes some of the seriousness out of what is otherwise a tale of sorrow, woe, death and suffering