Advertising Blurbs

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Windows:
    VOTED GAME OF THE YEAR - PC Powerplay Magazine

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on May 20, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Windows:
    How would you handle a Cold War crisis? You may be dead before you hear the gunfire. Operation Flashpoint is the total conflict simulator where everything happens for real – including the speed of sound. If the bullet’s faster, it’s a silent death for you, Private. Operation Flashpoint. The tactical military combat simulation, under development with Bohemia Interactive Studio, is probably the most complex war game experience ever. Unprecedented freedom of action integrates squad command, piloting of any vehicle and strategic decision-making, to totally immersive effect.

  • Complete infantry, mobile armour and aircraft in one single tactical game
  • Command up to 12 units through treacherous do-or-die missions
  • Immense, highly detailed and accurate 3D environments with the best visual representation of modern military ever seen
  • Non-linear campaign strengthened by cinematic voice-over and animated cut-scenes
  • Built-in full-featured mission editor enabling gamers to create and share missions and campaigns
  • Multiplayer combat over LAN and Internet with full support of command options, all types of units and mission editor
  • New proprietary "Real Virtuality" 3D Game Engine technology with support for Direct X and Glide API's.
  • Advanced Level Of Detail (LOD) system renders far away objects in increasing detail as you approach them.
  • Advanced real-time simulation of wind, rain, fog, clouds, time-of-day, sunrise/sunset, tides, stars and moon.
  • Engine supports large number of high-resolution photo-realistic textures through advanced texture management techniques for highly-detailed game environments.
  • Realistic player and NPC character movement modelled using a new human Motion-Capture System.
  • Inbuilt player voice communications using the new Direct X 8.0 Direct Play feature set.
  • Inbuilt Mission Editor for creation of custom missions and campaigns which can be easily shared with friends as small text files via the Internet.
  • Select from 11 player classes including Soldier, Anti-Tank Soldier, Anti-Aircraft Soldier, Grenadier, Medic, Officer, Sniper, Saboteur, Machine Gunner, Mortar Soldier and Mine Soldier.
  • Command up to 12 other soldiers in a squad in Single-Player or Campaign modes.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on May 20, 2004.

Box cover back - European version:
    Stealth, tactics or all-out assault
    Take command of a squad
    Over 30 vehicles to drive or fly
    Create your own strategic challenges

    Contributed by Andreas Vilén (315) on Dec 11, 2003.

Inside Flaps:
    The Career Soldier - 50 Single Player Missions and Campaign
    Work your way up through the ranks in time to save the world from disaster, possibly from WWIII itself. Drive a tank, gun down enemy convoys in your chopper or sneak behind their lines in covert ops. Total freedom of action. Go anywhere, drive anything, shoot anyone.

    The Officer - Squad Command
    Take command of a squad of up to 12 men and their vehicles. Using all your strategy, knowledge and tactical training, employ each man's specialist skills to ensure mission success. Ultra-real AI. Soldiers move, behave and reach as if truly human.

    The Seasoned Veteran - LAN or Internet Multiplayer
    Take up your weapon and march into battle in TCP/IP LAN or Internet warfare. Whether you're just a grunt, a commander, a pilot or part of a tank crew, every man has his part to play in the coming conflict. Wage war over sprawling 3D island battlezones.

    Intelligence Operative - Mission Editor
    Create your own unique single and multiplayer missions with the easy-to-use mission editor. Set up your own scenarios, strategies and tactics, then share them across the Net.

    Play as... Machine Gunner, Medic, Rocket Launcher, Sniper, Special Ops, and many more tactical infantry units, equipped with over 20 real weapons ranging from M16 to LAW Launcher.

    "The most visceral, real-time tactical first person shooter to date...the ability to drive trucks, tanks, helicopters and other vehicles is just plain cool."

    "With amazing AI and no mercy, Operation Flashpoint will prove to you that war is hell."
    Game Informer

    " of the most complete shooters ever."

    "There's no doubt about it, Operation Flashpoint is the best PC game you will play this year."

    Contributed by JPaterson (9555) on Dec 08, 2001.

Back of Box:
    "Operation Flashpoint is a perfect blend of fun and realism."
    PC Gamer

    You're dropped in the path of the Red Army. Your objective is clear: take your men, your weapons and your training; commandeer any vehicle you find, survive if you can, but above all, force them back!

    Rich, enthralling Campaign, Single Missions and Multiplay
    Use stealth, tactics or all-out-assault to combat those who would obliterate freedom.

    Hard target or sitting duck?
    Whether you're in command of a squad or just covering your own back, stay alive and win through to victory.

    Take to the skies or battlefield
    In multiplayer mission scenarios across TCP/IP, LAN, or Internet.

    38 vehicles to drive or fly
    Including A64 Attack Helicopter to M1A1 Abrams Tank to A10 Thunderbolt jet, each war machine is visually accurate to its original military spec.

    Create your own strategic challenges
    For solo and multiplay with the easy-to-use mission editor - limited only to your imagination and the shores of the immense 100KM2 islands.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9555) on Dec 08, 2001.

Box cover and printed ads:
    "As close to war as you ever want to get."

    This is the claim codemasters used in all advertisements for the game.

    Contributed by Isdaron (730) on Jul 16, 2001.