Written by  :  gilgamex (131)
Written on  :  Apr 11, 2002
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A comprehensive war shooter.

The Good

The first thing that struck me was how detailed and HUGE the environments are. The campaign maps are absolutely immense. Being able to control any vehicle in the game was also quite ambitious. I would find myself hijacking a jeep or helicopter and just go all over the map and find little towns and just enjoy the scenery. The game is also very free in the sense you can play the same missions over and over and try different tactics and see completely different results.

The Bad

The vehicle control (particularly the helicopters) is awkward and doesn't really work well with the mouse/keyboard combo. You do have the option of using joysticks, but the time to set up a flightstick for flying and a mouse/keyboard for ground fighting was just too difficult to get right. The radio chatter really is annoying but necessary, so there was really no escaping it. The Multiplayer which had the potential to replace all tactical team-based online games for me just fell completely flat. High latency and a bad "join-game" interface really made for a headache.

The Bottom Line

If you have patience and are into a slower paced but all-encompassing "modern day" shooter, you should check this out. It has it's problems, but If you can find the good points and really focus on them, the game just seems a whole lot better.