Written by  :  Timber Wolf (4)
Written on  :  Jul 15, 2002

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It looks like that you are the middle of the battlefield

The Good

What I like about the game is the much options that you have in playing this game, like driving vehicles and fly plane's and helicopters. I liked it immediately because I love the army and this ARMY, 100%. It looks like that you are the middle of the battlefield. That makes this game special.

The Bad

What I don't like about the game is some graphics. They aren't the best I ever seen. And locating enemy troops is very difficult, because you can't see them from a range of 400 รก 500 meter, but they can see you.

The Bottom Line

I describe it as one of the best war simulations the software industry ever seen. The gameplay is good, the AI is smart and it just look like you are in the middle of the battle