The Operative: No One Lives Forever Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen and main menu
An early cutscene: UNITY agents Cate Archer and Bruno Lawrie work to ensure the safety of the free world...
...while international assassin Dmitri Volkov works to destroy it
The starting point in the game
Sniping from a hotel window in Morocco, Cate protects an ambassador (who looks surprisingly like Bill Clinton, only ruder and fatter) from rifle-toting H.A.R.M. assassins
Reminiscent of Goldeneye, the gun battles that occur when stealth fails are lively and fun
Like shooting Pintos in a barrel. Both you and the enemy can use vehicles. If you can hit their gas lines, you can send their cars flipping end over end in a ball of fire
Riding a bike! How cool is that?..
Much to everyone's surprise, a civilian breaks free from the confines of her AI programming, and puts a H.A.R.M. thug in a headlock while kneeing him in the crotch
Cate mows down a goodly portion of the Soviet army while busting defector Dr. Otto Schenker out of an East German labratory
A spy's life isn't all guns and bullets. Here, Cate smoozes with the locals at a ritzy 60's nightclub
You need to read more books, buddy!..
Oh my, look at those tie textures and art on the walls! Pretentious, much?..
No secret agent man...or woman...would be complete without gadgets, such as their innocent looking sunglasses that can take photos, zoom in on enemies, or detect mines and lasers
An irate hotel maid explains to Cate that cleaning up piles of dead bodies is NOT in her job description
While diving, watch out for irate harpoon-gun wielding scuba divers if you want to avoid becoming a victim of Scuba-Rage
Working for H.A.R.M. has its fringe benefits, such as the fully stocked space bar and lounge aboard their orbital space station (hmm... why is it that drunk in the flannel suit keeps popping up wherever it go?)
Cate's relaxing plane trip back to England is rudely interrupted by a squad of H.A.R.M. paratroopers
In the Dumas construction site Cate does battle with tone-deaf, Opera-obsessed H.A.R.M. operative Inge Wagner, clad in full Valkyrie ensemble complete with sword and bullet-deflecting shield
Despite the sometimes campy nature, there are some very beautiful moments in the game, as here when the engine meets aesthetically lovely architecture
Cate needs to take the cable-car up to Chateau Dumas - but it's guarded
A H.A.R.M. thug in classic Casablanca wardrobe expresses his displeasure at being shot in the face with a crossbow
You can't even fall from the sky in peace these days
A batch of irate H.A.R.M. goons rudely interrupt Cate's relaxing train trip
Agent Archer is a proficient sharpshooter as well
They're not very smart, these DUMAS guards...
Important memo to all aspiring astronauts... standing OUTSIDE the rocket when it launches is hazardous to your health
Checking yourself out in the mirror
Cate zaps a laser-wielding H.A.R.M. Cosmonaught
Nothing says Winter Wonderland quite like running over bad guys with a snowmobile
Cate and everybody's favorite Scottish H.A.R.M. strongman Magnus Armstrong get into a fistfight to determine who's the manlier.. um.. person.
No supervillain's parlor room is complete without secret folding-out World Domination dioramas
Cate's handy dandy rocket launching briefcase sends a bunch of H.A.R.M. stormtroopers flying through the air
The H.A.R.M. Handpuppet makes his demands
A UNITY soldier helps Cate do battle with Baroness Dumas' Elite Guards
The robo poodle distracts otherwise alert guard dogs
Reloading at Unity's firing range where they test new firearms as well as an agent's marksmanship
Cate fires at a H.A.R.M. helicopter from the cabin of a dangling Gondola. If first person shooters have taught me anything, it's that helicopters are NOT my friend
Clearly, H.A.R.M. has its priorities in order
Don't call me fat, laddy! The multiplayer version allows you to play all the colorful characters from the main game (and drive vehicles on some levels)
There is so much detail in the game. Check out the stylish poster in a picturesque European tavern. Also, notice the effects as bullets hit that lamp
Beautiful view! Just standing outside, admiring the sky... a powerful weapon in my hands...
The game is full of hilarious conversations you can overhear. There is simply no end to them. This is takes place in Morocco
They shoot at me from behind... As I fall down, the last thing I see is this exquisite art on the walls... and a nice carpet, too...
You'll find plenty of intelligence items on your quest. This is... one of them. Very informative, right?..
Ouch... that must have hurt! The spear gun is powerful. That poor worker in yellow pants...
Fake and wrongly translated German, stylish telephone booths, and the ability to change bullet types - what else could you ask for in life?..
That's not nice, Kate Archer... How could you use your poison dagger (cleverly disguised as a brooch!) to kill this poor innocent woman?..
Let me show you the perfume I always use... It's called STUN GAS!..