Oppai Slider 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

A warning to all the kids who want to play this game!
Title screen
Character profile: the maid
Character profile: the sailor
You can choose your avatar here.
Clothes customization
Okay, here's the crazy part... customize her breasts!
Maid scenario
This is how it begins. The maid is cleaning the floor and has no idea about what's going to happen soon...
Bless those who invented a fully rotatable camera for 3D games!
This is what eventually will happen in the scenario. Your goal is to figure out how to get to the next part.
Here you can see the objects in the room.
A lesson in female anatomy
You don't waste much time and go straight to the business.
Several possibilities to interact with her breasts.
Okay, here's the item!
You can freely move around the room.
It's not what it looks like! I'm only trying to teach her how to swim!
Each scenario begins with a CG image.
The nurse is sleeping, and you are lifting her skirt.
Close up as much as you like. The graphics are very detailed.
Look to the left and see how many interaction possibilities are available!