Orbiter Credits (Windows)

Orbiter Windows Delta Glider on takeoff


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Orbiter Credits


Developed byMartin J. Schweiger
3D and physics engine byMartin J. Schweiger
Programmed byMartin J. Schweiger
Sound‑package addon byDaniel Polli
Orbital elements, coordinates, ISS mesh and "Blue Marble" Earth texture byNational Aeronautics and Space Administration
Planetary maps byJames Hastings-Trew, Björn Jónsson, OpenUniverse, Constantine Thomas
The models and mesh's for the Delta Glider, Shuttle-A, and the Dragonfly are made byRoger Long
The panels for the Dragonfly are made by Radu Poenaru
VAB-building mesh and model byValerio Oss
Enhanced Mir Space-Station model and mesh byJason Benson
The Atlantis Space Shuttle model is based on a model byJavier Fernandez
Also thanks toThe Orbiter Community

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