Orcs Must Die! Credits (Windows)

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Orcs Must Die! Credits

Robot Entertainment

DesignTimothy A. Deen, Ian Fischer, Joseph D. Gillum, Jerome K. Jones, David Leary
ProgrammingEric Best, Stephen Clayburn, Mike Daly, John Evanson, Robert Fermier, Christopher Forseth, Brian Hapgood, Angelo Laudon, Michael L. McGlumphy, Justin Moe, Shovaen Patel, Ryan Slack, Christopher Stark, Marcin Szymanski, Terry Wallace
ArtWon Choi, Brad J. Crow, Bryan A. Hehmann, Dion A. Hopkins, Gene Kohler Jr., David P. Kubalak, Juan R. Martinez, Chris Moffitt, Andrew Olson, Duane Santos, Paul Slusser, Nathan C. Stefan, Charles Tinney, Bart Tiongson, Robert Walden, Sung Yi
ProductionLance Hoke, Chris Rippy, Wallace H. Wachi Jr.
ManagementPatrick Hudson, Harter Ryan
Board MemberTony Allen Goodman
Community / WebJustin Korthof, Duncan Stanley
ITJake Dotson, Roy Rabey
Dev SupportDavid Lewis
Office AdminLizette Atkinson, Jessica Lemmons

Sound & Music

SFX (Gl33k)Matthew Piersall
Music (Gl33k)Chris Rickwood
The Game Sound SmithJ. D. Smith

Voice Recording Studio - Okratron 5000

Voice DirectorChristopher Sabat
Voice CastingChristopher Sabat
Recording EngineerRawly Pickens
Dialog EditorKellen Voss


HeroRob McCollum
MasterR. Bruce Elliot
SorceressColleen Clinkenbeard
Elf ArcherTodd Haberkorn
PaladinChristopher Sabat
WeaversBrina Palencia, Stephanie Young, Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi
OrcsCharlie Campbell, Josh Grelle, Brina Palencia, Christopher Sabat, R. Bruce Elliot, Chris Moffitt

Credits Music

Written byBrent Best
Performed byBrent Best (Guitar; Bass; Piano; Synths and Recording), Jeffrey Barnes (Harmonica and Horns), Grady Sandlin (Drums), Alex Maples (Drums)


Additional Programming - Pixelocity SoftwareMichael Bean, Tommy Bean
Additional TestingStephen Cano, Zeke Marks, Lori Wilson, Brian Marcum, Jason Puckett, Evan Lieske

Special Thanks to

Jerome K. JonesCyndie, Pep, Jesse and Grandma Jackie
Justin KorthofDeborah, London, and Liam
David LearyFor Shannon and Nate [when he's old enough]
Lance HokeDana, Ian, Julia and Margo., All my love., LDL
Mike McGlumphy'Hi, Emma and Laura!'
Bart TiongsonChantal, thank you for understanding that sometimes I can be ogre. And to my little orcs; Kaiya, Skye, and Logan., I love you guys.
Rob FermierElise, Xavier, and Xander!
Marcin Szymanski'Thanks to me! Yes, me.'
Won Choimy friends and family. Robot Rocks!!!
Shovaen PatelMy siblings ‑‑ Mausami, Sonam, and Yash; and my parents
Chris Moffittmy wife and son for all the love and support., Huge props to Robot for being the coolest place to work on the planet!
Chris RippyTania, Emily, and Alex..., Thanks.
Gene KohlerJake, my son, for rocking the house down. You're the best!
Roy RabeyTammy, thank you for supporting me. Love, Roy.
Eric BestLisa, Lucas, and Collin - I love you guys!
Paul SlusserKim Slusser (my loving wife), and our two adorble children Shea and Brooke., Oh and my cat, 2 hamsters and hermit crab.
Harter RyanJulie, Gillian, Griffin, Family & friends
Nathan StefanCraig Matheson
Dion Hopkinsmy amazing wife Tamara & The Doodles. And Cake Balls
Juan Martinezmy wife for her love and support.
Charles TinneyMama and Baby Orc never hold it against me when I kill other Orcs. For that I give them a big scratchy, hairy orc smooch
Wally WachiCyd, our two dogs and both our families for all their love and support
Zeke Marksall the orcs who sacrified themselves
Tim Deenmy wife Huiying and my son Donavan as this is our first game together as a family
Mike DalyAmanda, for putting up with the move
Patrick HudsonAndrea, Cole and Claire for your love and support
Andrew OlsonErin McGuire, Debra Olson, Stephen Olson, Eric Olson
Bryan HehmannJaime, Analla, Nico , Snot, Tiberius
Duncan StanleyMy dearest friends, enemies, lovers and haters: thank you
Lizette Atkinsonthis awesome place I get to come to everyday called . And to my beautiful family!
Chris StarkMom, Shawn, Amanda, and Kaylie for their love and support., Everyone at Robot for being awesome., The orcs for dying
Sung YiJuan R. Martinez (The Professor), Charles Tinney (Mr. Perfect), for making my job easy!
Terry WallaceMy wife Shellie and my daughter Xena did all my work
Stephen Clayburnmy wife Genie and daughters Sabrina & Annalise for all their love, encouragement, and support!
Special thanks toThe Robot Entertainment community who have faithfully supported us on our new adventures

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (191431)